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Aladino Gym, l’innovativo sistema di automazione per palestre

Aladino Gym, the innovative automation system for gyms

Managing a training center or a SPA, especially in a complex period such as the one marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, can be complicated. However, thanks to Aladino Gym, an innovative automation system for gyms, it is possible to overcome the difficulties of remote administration. Let’s go and discover all the secrets.

What is Aladdin Gym?

Aladino Gym is a system that allows you to remotely manage gyms, swimming pools, wellness centers and other similar structures. Thanks to its action, the owners of these businesses can remotely authorize access and use of specific equipment and areas, for a considerable saving of time and money.

Specifically, Aladino Gym consists of a dedicated home automation control unit to be connected to the LAN network inside the building. Once the installation is complete, you can:

Manage the opening of gates, doors and windows;
Authorize access to gyms, saunas and swimming pools;
Remotely control lighting, air conditioning and much more.

After making the connections, the managers will have full control of the connected devices, and will be able to authorize their use for customers and staff.


Funzionamento del nostro sistema di automazione Aladino Gym

How does this system work?

The operation of Aladino Gym is simple and is based on a few very specific steps:

The manager generates electronic access keys and sends them to subscribers via email or WhatsApp;
The customer goes to the facility, uses the key and has access to the equipment for the stipulated time;
Entry can be authorized for time slots, a pre-established time or selected services (for example only the gym or swimming pool).

It is important to underline that the manager can also create permanent access keys. These can be sent to the staff, in order to speed up maintenance operations and the provision of services to members.

Upon expiry, the electronic keys will prevent access to the gym and will remind the customer to renew the membership. In this way, it is possible to increase the efficiency and security of the entire payment process, to the full advantage of the profitability of the business.

To better understand our smart home automation device for gyms, you can consult the video on our YouTube channel.


What are the advantages of the Aladino Gym automation system?

Aladino Gym offers many benefits to gym owners. For example, it is possible to open all the doors of the system remotely via smartphone or PC. To do this, simply use the Aladdin control panel. From here, a practical interface allows you to easily consult the customer list, authorize and control the income of members of the structure. Each device connected to the control unit can be controlled with a simple click, for a quick and intuitive user experience.

Furthermore, it is possible to receive emails when certain events occur, such as a customer entering the building. It is easy to know in real time the number of members present in the gym, authorize the use of areas and equipment.


Thanks to Aladino Gym, therefore, it is possible to carry out activities remotely that until now necessarily required the presence of at least one person within the structure. With remote control, however, time is managed more efficiently.

Click to preview the customer once the digital key for access to the facility has been received.




How much does the Aladino Gym system cost?



Aladino Gym is available on the GuestKey website at the advantageous price of €399. You can complete the purchase from this page quickly and safely.


Together with the home automation control unit, you will be able to purchase the annual subscription to our management software, which allows for quick control of all the connected structures.


GuestKey, soluzione per l’automazione di palestre e spa

GuestKey, solution for the automation of gyms and more

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