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Automated check-in and check-out are a particularly topical issue. The sad events related to Coronavirus, in fact, have forced many accommodation facilities to review their way of welcoming guests. On the one hand, it is necessary to ensure the best possible service to its users. On the other hand, however, it is essential to ensure an adequate level of security, and in line with the provisions of the authorities.

For bed & breakfasts, guest houses and all hotels in difficulty, Guestkey offers a quick and simple solution that automates entry and exit operations in a short time.

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Check-in e check-out:What the new guidelines for hotel facilities say

Federalberghi, Confindustria Alberghi and Assohotel Confesercenti have joined in recent days to draw up some guidelines, adopting the so-called “Safe reception” protocol.

As, reports then, these are the most interesting aspects:

  • The cleaning of the rooms will be particularly focused on the objects that come most in contact with guests, such as switches, telephones and remote controls.
  • Breakfast will be served more and more at the table or, on request, in the room, avoiding the buffets.
  • Service staff and waiters must use gloves and masks.
  • In areas intended for food consumption, such as restaurants, sanitizing gel dispensers should be included.
  • To avoid queues at the reception, guests will be increasingly invited to send their documents electronically. At the same time, contactless payment transactions will be favored, and the time for the transition to the more advanced forms of self check-in will be accelerated.And it is precisely on the latter point that it is possible to intervene in a precise and timely manner.


Automated Check-in e check-out : safe and quick

Thinking about traditional hotel registration procedures, now that the rules of social distancing are well known to everyone, has a strange effect. The most common operations, in fact, included:

  • The close contact between guest and receptionist
  • An exchange of objects (documents, keys, brochures, cards)
  • Any signing of forms
  • Handing over the keys every time you leave or return
  • Cash payment

These are operations that involve close contact between the guest and the receptionist. The first, during his journey, presumably entered into contact with a large number of people. The latter, for his part, for work must remain in the vicinity of numerous individuals.

All this, in the current crisis period dictated by COVID-19, cannot take place. And it is also for this reason that the future of hotels and B & Bs can foresee the introduction of self check-in and check-out. In other words, the guests will manage the entrance and exit operations of the structure in total autonomy. In this way it is possible to limit contact with other people, for a greater safety.

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The self check-in solutions proposed by Guestkey

Automating hotel registration is particularly easy with the Guestkey electronic code lock. A versatile solution, available in idoor and 0utdoor, models, as well as for  armored doors. It also facilitates guests and managers.

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The operation of this solution is simple.

For the operator, simply send the customer the code corresponding to his reservation. The communication can be made by email, or with a quick WhatsApp message. The traveler, at that point, has to do is arrive at the property, and enter the code received. This will be active only for the period of stay of the guest . Once the established days of stay have elapsed, it can no longer be used to unlock doors and utilities.

This efficient system allows not only to automate the check-in and check-out phases, but also to:

  • Decrease contact between receptionists and guests
  • Eliminate the exchange of objects
  • Avoid the danger of losing the keys

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Everything will take place without diminishing the quality of the service offered.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us via the references entered on the Contact page.