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Domotics for hotels: the trends that will dominate 2019

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was held in Las Vegas in recent days. Annual event focused on consumer electronics, which embraces sectors from video games up to home automation. Precisely in this area, what will be the trends for 2019 relating to domotics for hotels. Let’s find out, then, how the rooms of the accommodation facilities will embrace technology in the next 12 months.

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The touch screen to manage the parameters of the rooms.

The technological push in the hotel domotics sector goes further and further towards a scenario in which the rooms will be equipped with a touch screen system. Thanks to this it will be possible to manage numerous parameters simply with the touch of your hand. These new systems, therefore, will constitute a sort of particularly powerful communication unit. It is able to integrate controls that are also very different from each other such as the management of heating, lighting or opening and closing doors. Everything will be managed through a graphical icon interface. Like that of smartphones, giving the guest an experience that recalls that offered today by Android and iOS devices. 

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Domotics for hotels: the smartphone increases the security of hotels.

If the room will be managed through a touchscreen interface inside the room itself, some elements related to security could be controlled directly from your smartphone. In the era of hotel automation, the opening of doors will be increasingly managed through special apps that will allow unlocking and therefore entry into the booked room. In this way, the keys to be collected at the reception are definitively sent to the attic, a system that now appears obsolete. 

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Lighting technology applied to accommodation facilities.

The experience offered by a hotel room embraces all the senses: touch, smell and obviously also sight. This is why the latest home automation trends for hotels also embrace lighting technology, offering integrated solutions for the management of lights inside the room. Special control units and relays transform the environment giving great freedom to the user, who can thus manage the lighting of his room in an intuitive way, for example by programming the switching on or off, as well as the intensity and brightness.

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Home automation for hotels: artificial intelligence enters the room.

The arrival on the market of products equipped with artificial intelligence and voice interface, that is, capable of responding to requests spoken out loud, is a trend that not only involves domestic environments, but also hotels and hotels. As proof of this, the great IT giants are already experimenting with new formulas. Introducing devices such as Google Home Assistant and Amazon Echo into hotels is becoming increasingly popular.

Domotics for hotels: The future A. I.

Thanks to this new addition, guests will be able to “talk to the room”, for the most varied requests. You can ask questions about the weather or traffic conditions, but you can also ask for news and playlists. In addition, you have the opportunity to manage the automation of temperature and lights, but also to control technological furnishings such as the coffee machine.In this way, home automation enters into symbiosis with the so-called “internet of things”The internet of things in 8 questions and answers ), that has already started to be introduced in hotels.

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Not just extravagance: hotel domotics is here to stay

One might have thought that these technological innovations involve only large hotels and the most prestigious hotels, but this is not the case. Home automation will represent, in the next few years, the standard for environments that want to define themselves as truly smart and capable of offering value to travelers. 

The applications of domotics for hotels and hotels are unlimited: the security systems evolve, guaranteeing greater control even in particularly serious cases such as fires, gas leaks or flooding principles. The management of the entire structure, and not only of the single room, can be delegated to a programmable control unit, which can also memorize scenarios to be put into practice at the appropriate time,also analyzing the problems .

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