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**ECOSMART: Transforming Hotel Room Access for a Sustainable Future**

In recent years, the hotel industry has made great strides towards technological innovation, aiming to improve the guest experience and reduce environmental impact. In this context, ECOSMART stands out as a leading innovation that not only simplifies access to hotel rooms, but also promotes energy saving practices, paving the way for a more sustainable future for the entire industry.


  • ECOSMART the intelligent lock

ECOSMART offers a revolutionary solution for housing security and accessibility with its smart locks. This system allows guests to access their rooms using smartphones or mobile devices, eliminating the need for traditional keys or cards. This technology not only increases security, thanks to the advanced encryption of digital keys, but also improves the guest experience, making their entry into the rooms simple and immediate.

  • EASYENTRY integration with the Accommodation Portal, ISTAT and Tourist Tax

EASYENTRY is another fundamental component of ECOSMART that facilitates the administrative management of accommodation. This system integrates directly with the Accommodation Portal, ISTAT and facilitates the collection of the tourist tax. Automating these processes not only reduces the administrative workload on staff, but also ensures compliance with local and national regulations, avoiding errors that could result in fines or wasted time.

  • Integration between Ecosmart, PMS and Channel Manager

ECOSMART's complete integration with leading PMS and Channel Managers represents a transformation in the way hotels manage reservations and hospitality. As already discussed, this synergy allows for almost autonomous management of reservations, automatic synchronization of room availability and fluid communication between the different services. This not only optimizes daily operations but also provides real-time data for better analysis and strategic decisions.


1) The innovative ECOSMART hotel room opening system

ecosmart electronic locks with remote opening

**First Access: The Integration of RFID Code and Card for Energy Saving**

The distinctive feature of ECOSMART lies in its first access mode, which integrates the use of RFID codes and cards to ensure a safe, convenient and, above all, sustainable experience. During the check-in process, guests are provided with a unique code that allows them to access their room without necessarily having to use a physical key.

**Subsequent Access with RFID Card: Maximize Energy Savings**

Once the initial code is used, the system requires guests to use an RFID card for subsequent access. This card becomes essential for activating electricity in the room, ensuring that devices such as lighting and air conditioning are only activated in the presence of the guest. When leaving the room, guests must remove the RFID card from its designated slot, automatically turning off the power and thus contributing to energy savings.

Using the RFID card for subsequent access offers numerous additional benefits. First of all, it allows more precise control over the activation of energy resources within the chamber, helping to maximize energy savings. Furthermore, it encourages responsible behavior on the part of guests, who become more aware of their environmental impact and tend to use resources more economically.

Finally, the use of the RFID card for subsequent accesses guarantees greater security, as it reduces the risk of unauthorized access thanks to the need to physically possess the card to activate the energy inside the room.

Tangible benefits of first access to ECOSMART

  1. Reduction of Energy Consumption: ECOSMART allows hotels to significantly reduce their energy consumption thanks to its ability to automatically turn off energy when the room is empty. This not only leads to economic savings, but also contributes to a positive environmental impact, supporting the fight against climate change.
  2. Greater Security and Control: The use of unique codes and RFID cards increases the security of access to hotel rooms, reducing the risk of unauthorized intrusions. Furthermore, the system offers hotels more effective control over access management, allowing them to monitor room occupancy in real time and ensure maximum safety for guests.
  3. Optimized Guest Experience: ECOSMART offers guests a more seamless and hassle-free experience by eliminating the need to carry a physical key and simplifying the room access process. Furthermore, the system raises guests' awareness of the importance of saving energy during their stay, promoting greater environmental awareness.

**ECOSMART: Revolutionizing Access to Hotel Rooms for a Sustainable Future**

Sending codes by email or whatsapp ECOSMART: Transforming Access to Hotel Rooms with a Personalized and Sustainable Approach

In addition to revolutionizing access to hotel rooms and promoting energy savings, ECOSMART stands out for its ability to offer a personalized and connected experience to guests, integrating sending the codes through digital means such as email or WhatsApp. This feature not only adds a modern touch to the check-in process, but also offers a number of practical benefits that further enhance guests' stay.

Sending Codes via Email or WhatsApp: Convenience and Accessibility**

One of ECOSMART's most popular innovations is the ability to send hotel room access codes directly to guests via digital means such as email or WhatsApp. This approach offers an unprecedented level of convenience and accessibility for guests, eliminating the need to physically collect keys at the front desk.

Additionally, sending codes via digital means allows guests to have instant access to crucial information related to their stay. Emails or WhatsApp messages can be easily personalized to include not only room access codes, but also other important information, such as instructions on how to reach the property, the WiFi password and any other useful information for your stay.

Personalization and Connectivity: Improving the Guest Experience**

Emails or WhatsApp messages can be enriched with information on additional services offered by the property, suggestions on local attractions or even special offers exclusive to guests.

**Sustainability and Operational Efficiency: Reduction of Environmental Impact**

In addition to the benefits for guests, sending codes through digital means also supports hotels' efforts towards environmental sustainability. By eliminating the need to physically print and distribute keys, this practice significantly reduces the consumption of paper and other materials, thus helping to reduce the overall environmental impact of the hotel's operation.

Sending access codes via email or WhatsApp represents an essential element of ECOSMART's vision for modern, personalized and sustainable hospitality. This practice not only improves convenience and guest experience, but also supports the hotel industry's efforts towards more efficient and environmentally friendly management.

ECOSMART Reception: Transforming Hotel Room Access and Operational Management with Advanced Technology**

In addition to revolutionizing the guest experience and promoting environmental sustainability, ECOSMART also offers innovative tools for the operational management of hotel facilities, offering owners an advanced suite that allows complete and remote control of rooms and common areas.

Owner's Suite: Total Control and Global Vision**

The suite reserved for the owner, a digital environment that acts as a real "virtual reception". This suite provides the owner with an overview of reservations and room status in real time, enabling efficient resource management and better operational planning.

Additionally, the owner's suite offers the ability to remotely control access to rooms and monitor guest presence. Using ECOSMART's integrated technology, the owner can open the room doors from anywhere, ensuring impeccable service and greater flexibility in welcoming guests.

**Integrated Home Automation: Comfort and Energy Efficiency**

In addition to access control, the ECOSMART owner's suite also allows you to remotely manage the interior environments of the rooms thanks to integrated home automation. This functionality allows you to adjust heating, lighting and air conditioning remotely, ensuring maximum comfort for guests and at the same time optimizing the energy efficiency of the entire structure.

With a simple click, the owner can adjust the room temperature according to the guest's preferences or turn off unnecessary lights, thus contributing to energy saving and environmental sustainability.

Cameras and Security Integrated: Access and Security Monitoring**

Finally, the ECOSMART owner's suite is equipped with integrated cameras that allow you to monitor common spaces in real time. This allows you to control access and guarantee the safety of guests, preventing unauthorized entry and responding promptly to any emergencies or critical situations.

Additionally, cameras allow the owner to visually check the status of common spaces and ensure they are kept tidy and clean for guests

The ECOSMART owner's suite offers a complete range of advanced tools for the operational management of hotel facilities, allowing total and remote control of rooms and common areas. Thanks to integrated technology, owners can optimize operational efficiency, improve the guest experience and ensure the safety and sustainability of the property.

ECOSMART GateLink: Innovation for Access to the Condominium via Smartphone**

**Revolutionize Access to Your Condominium with GATELINK**

In the digital age in which we live, the management of access to condominiums has become increasingly complex, requiring modern solutions that guarantee safety, convenience and integration with existing technologies. GATELINK is the innovative response to this challenge, designed to simplify the lives of those who live in condominiums, offering secure and controlled access directly from their smartphone.

**A System Adaptable to Every Condominium**

GATELINK overcomes the traditional obstacle represented by the impossibility of installing electronic keypads, connecting directly to the existing intercom of each apartment. This solution eliminates the need for invasive interventions or aesthetic modifications, allowing for quick and complication-free installation.

**Effortless Access Sharing**

One of GATELINK's most popular features is its ability to share access in a secure and controlled manner. Through a dedicated link, users can grant temporary entry to family, friends or couriers with ease. This is particularly useful for receiving parcels, eliminating the need to be physically present to open the condominium door.


Remote Control of the Condominium Door: Convenience and Security

In an era where home automation is becoming more and more widespread, GATELINK stands out for its compatibility with the most popular voice assistants, such as Alexa and Google Home. This integration allows users to open the condominium door with simple voice commands, adding a further level of convenience and modernity to daily life.

Furthermore, it should be underlined that GATELINK connects to the same platform as ECOSMART, guaranteeing unified management of access to both individual housing units and the condominium as a whole. This allows optimal integration between the different functions offered by ECOSMART and GATELINK, ensuring greater efficiency and convenience for users.

In conclusion, ECOSMART GateLink represents a significant innovation in the field of condominium access management, offering a safe, convenient and cutting-edge technological solution. With GATELINK, access to the condominium becomes easier than ever, while ensuring greater peace of mind for the inhabitants and more efficient management for the administrators.

2) ECOSMART and EasyEntry: Optimization of Hotel Management through Advanced Integration


Easyentry ecosmart sending documents portal

The integration of ECOSMART with EasyEntry represents a significant step towards optimizing operational processes within hotel facilities. EasyEntry is a comprehensive service that aims to simplify hotel management, ensuring regulatory compliance and improving efficiency through a series of advanced features.

Automation and Regulatory Compliance: Integration with the Accommodation Portal, ISTAT and Tourist Tax

One of the main features of EasyEntry is its ability to automate the transmission of guest data to the State Police Accommodation Portal and the communication of attendance to ISTAT. Thanks to the integration with ECOSMART, this operation occurs automatically and effortlessly, minimizing the risk of errors and ensuring full regulatory compliance.

Additionally, EasyEntry uses an efficient document scanning tool, which allows you to quickly and securely capture guest document data. This process is essential for correctly registering guests and ensuring that all required information is submitted completely and accurately to the relevant authorities.

Advanced Features for Operational Management: Check-in, Tourist Tax and More

EasyEntry offers a wide range of functions designed to simplify the operational management of accommodation facilities. Among these, there is the complete management of the check-in process, which allows guests to register quickly and smoothly, both through traditional check-in at the reception and through online check-in or self check-in. in.

Furthermore, EasyEntry facilitates the management of the tourist tax, automatically calculating it based on local regulatory provisions and providing tools for generating and distributing receipts to customers.

Tangible Benefits for Accommodation Facilities: Efficiency and Regulatory Compliance

The integration of ECOSMART with EasyEntry offers a series of tangible benefits for accommodation facilities. First, it streamlines operational processes, minimizing the time and effort needed to manage reservations and guest information. Furthermore, it guarantees full regulatory compliance, reducing the risk of sanctions and guaranteeing responsible and transparent management of hotel activities.

Finally, EasyEntry offers a competitive cost per room per month, making it an accessible solution even for small and medium-sized establishments. In conclusion, the integration of ECOSMART with EasyEntry represents a unique opportunity for accommodation facilities to optimize their operational management, while ensuring regulatory compliance and improving the overall guest experience.

3) Revolutionizing Hotel Management: The Power of Integration between Ecosmart, PMS and Channel Manager**

user management for bebs and hotels


In the digital age, technology has taken on a crucial role in almost all aspects of the hospitality industry. Tools like i Property Management Systems (PMS) and Channel Manager they are transforming the way hotels operate, offering solutions to automate and simplify daily operations. The integration of these technologies with innovative platforms like Ecosmart is defining the future of hotel management.

  1. The need for integration into hotel management systems**

The Property Management System (PMS):

The PMS is the technological heart of a hotel. This system handles everything from booking to invoicing, making complex tasks easier and reducing the possibility of errors. An effective PMS is crucial for smooth management and improving operational efficiency.

The role of Channel Managers:

Channel Managers are essential for managing sales across different online channels. These tools help maintain consistency in room availability, avoiding overcrowding and ensuring that each reservation is recorded correctly in the system.

  1. B) The advantages of integrating Ecosmart with PMS and Channel Manager**

Workflow automation:

Ecosmart's integration with the main PMS and Channel Manager simplifies the synchronization of bookings. This automated process reduces manual workload, allowing staff to focus on other crucial tasks, such as welcoming guests.

Improved guest experience:

The ability to efficiently manage check-in and check-out through an integrated system significantly improves the overall guest experience. This efficiency not only increases customer satisfaction but also allows staff to offer a more personalized and attentive service.

Concrete examples and case studies

Case study:

Hotel Miramare implemented Ecosmart integration with its PMS and observed a 30% improvement in check-in speed during peak season. Management also reported a significant decrease in booking errors and improved rate management thanks to automatic price synchronization between different sales channels.

User Feedback:

Marco Bianchi, manager of Hotel Bella Vista, shares: “Since we integrated Ecosmart with our management system, we have noticed a clear reduction in time spent on administrative tasks. Now we can dedicate more time to what really matters: hosting our customers.”

In conclusion:

1. ECOSMART Smart Locks

– Enhanced Security: ECOSMART smart locks use advanced technologies to ensure superior security, with access encrypted and controlled via smartphone or mobile device.

– Simplified Access: These locks eliminate the need for physical keys or cards, allowing guests to access their rooms in a more direct and personal way, thus improving the user experience.


– Administrative Automation: EASYENTRY automatically manages the scanning of guests' documents and the sending of data to the Police services, to ISTAT, and for the collection of the tourist tax.

– Compliance and Efficiency: Reduces manual workload while ensuring compliance with applicable laws. This saves time and reduces errors, allowing staff to focus on quality customer service.

3. Integration with PMS and Channel Manager

– Centralized Management: The complete integration of ECOSMART with PMS and Channel Managers centralizes the management of reservations, automatically synchronizing room availability and rates.

– Operations Optimization: Improve operational efficiency by more effectively managing reservations and availability, minimizing the risk of overbooking and maximizing revenues.

These three components of ECOSMART work together to transform hotel management into a more integrated, safe and hospitable system, allowing hotels to offer high-quality service with less administrative effort.

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