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access control  hotel 3000

Hotel home automation systems: 4 solutions to keep an eye on in 2020

The role of  home automation systems within hotels is becoming increasingly central. With the revolution promised by 5G connections and the Internet of Things (IoT), in fact, accommodations must know how to keep up with the times.

The automation of hotel rooms is therefore a new way to differentiate the offer of your business, attracting new guests from all over the world. In this article we will illustrate four technological solutions that will be widely used in 2020 by hotels that aim to offer the best possible experience.

How do home automation systems change the hotel experience?

Making the best use of home automation systems in hotels means adopting solutions that are consistent with the style and type of business. It is of little use to insert sophisticated lighting systems in a guest house, since in this type of structure travelers usually occupy the rooms for a short time, and often only for sleeping. It may be interesting for small hotels to use the electronic lock or a code lock to free themselves from guests’ arrivals at impossible timetables.

domotica alberghiera 3000 di porte italiane

hotel home automation 3000 of Porte italiane

On the contrary, exploiting hotel automation in more structured contexts gives way to enrich its offer, to the advantage of economic performance. These, among others, the home automation solutions that can affect more:

  •  The use of smartphones as room keys.
  • The automation of services previously performed by staff.
  • Custom App development.
  • Creation of technological spaces.

The use of smartphones as room keys.

One of the most recent innovations related to access control in hotels concerns the role of smartphones. This is an evolution that starts from the use of simple keys, passes through the passepartout and arrives precisely to the use of mobile phones, used as electronic keys for hotels.

The applications in this area are manifold. For example, the hotel can send a QR Code to the guest’s mobile phone, which can be read by the special QR Code readers located outside the rooms. An even more intuitive system concerns the use of numeric codes. The Guestkey door opener keyboard, for example, allows you to open your room simply by typing the code received on your mobile phone, freeing the host from being present in the hotel or bed & breakfast.

guestkey tastiera elettronica apertura porte a tempo

guestkey electronic timed keypad for opening doors

The automation of services previously performed by human personnel 

In recent years, technological innovations have allowed hotel guests to carry out more and more actions independently. Many travelers, in fact, prefer to use technology than interact with human personnel. For this reason, the automation of hotel rooms also passes through a greater development of remote control solutions.

The check-in and check-out operations, for example, can be carried out independently thanks to specific devices. At the same time, ordering room service is easy with the new tablets, which often find space in modern hotels.

By automating some operations, staff have more time to devote to solving possible problems. The guests, on the other hand, have the opportunity to experience a holiday without expectations or misunderstandings.

sistemi domotica per alberghi

home automation systems for hotels

 Custom app development

Having a website is now mandatory for every hotel. The new frontier, however, is represented by the development of customized and specific apps for each structure. By downloading these special software, guests have the opportunity to manage the booking, consult the map of the city in which they are located and much more.

At the same time, hotel managers can leverage apps to offer loyalty programs, track the services used by users and collect valuable data. In the long run, this can lead to the offer of personalized and increasingly targeted offers.

The creation of technological spaces
In the beginning were the internet points. Small corners in the halls equipped with computers connected to the internet. Since then, home automation systems in hotels have made great strides, coming to offer real tech lounges. These are technological spaces in which guests can freely use their devices, taking advantage of the high-speed internet connection offered by the hotel, but not only.

Information totems can also be found inside the technological spaces of the hotels, which allow you to easily find information on the hotel or city you are visiting.
In the tech lounges, moreover, charging points for smartphones and tablets cannot be missing.
apriporta sistemi di domotica badge

home automation system badge

Choose the home automation systems of Porte Italiane

GuestKey is a brand of Porte Italiane that offers automation systems for hotel rooms and accommodations. From door opener keypads to QR Code readers, through intelligent control units and electronic hotel locks.

For more information on our products, do not hesitate to contact us: we will be able to offer solutions in line with your needs.