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GUESTKEY at the SIA 2023 Fair in Rimini: Home Automation, Redefining Hospitality with Security, and Acoustic Comfort

The hospitality industry is a fertile ground for innovation. In such a competitive and ever-changing home automation sector, the ability to anticipate and meet guests’ needs is more important than ever. It is in this context that the SIA trade fair in Rimini presents itself as the great stage for the innovations that will shape the future of the sector. From 11 to 13 October, the Rimini Exhibition Center will be transformed into the meeting point for hospitality professionals from all over the world. And at the heart of this tumult of ideas and solutions, GUESTKEY is thrilled to unveil a range of products and services that will take hospitality to new levels of excellence.

domotica alberghiera guestkey in fiera

High security with REI doors

One of the most crucial aspects in the management of hotel facilities is undoubtedly the safety of guests. To meet this need, GUESTKEY introduces a line of REI (Fire Resistant) doors specifically designed for hotel environments. Aesthetically elegant and functionally superior, these doors offer optimal protection in the event of a fire, blending seamlessly into the overall design of the hotel.

Beyond Safety: Acoustic Comfort with Soundproof Doors

In the age of constant connectivity and busy life, peace of mind has become a luxury. That’s why GUESTKEY extends its offer with a range of soundproof doors, from basic 30 DB models up to high-end 50 DB solutions. These doors will not only ensure a better quality of sleep for guests, but will also create a more serene and private atmosphere which is essential for relaxation and well-being.


ECOSMART Self Check-in and Advanced Home Automation

Convenience and efficiency are at the heart of the guest experience in the 21st century. With ECOSMART, GUESTKEY offers a self check-in solution that simplifies and streamlines hotel entry, eliminating queues and waiting. But ECOSMART is not just a home automation check-in system; is a home automation ecosystem that puts the guest at the centre, allowing complete customization of the apartment environment, from temperature to brightness.


Freedom in Control: WiFi Switches

To complement the home automation experience, GUESTKEY presents a series of WiFi switches that make any room a hub of connectivity and control. Guests can simply use their smartphone to adjust all aspects of their room, creating an environment tailored to their needs.


A Window on the Future within the SIA 2023 Fair

GUESTKEY’s participation in the SIA 2023 Fair is an event not to be missed for all those involved in the hospitality world. It will be an opportunity to touch the innovations that are redefining the rules of the sector, from acoustic comfort to advanced security, from home automation to autonomous check-in.


The SIA Fair represents not only a moment of presentation but also one of exchange and comparison. GUESTKEY enthusiastically welcomes all industry professionals and stakeholders to visit its booth, to discuss, learn and collaborate in building the hospitality of the future.


With a holistic vision and a commitment to excellence, GUESTKEY positions itself as the pioneer in taking hospitality to new horizons of innovation and quality. And what better occasion to do so than the SIA 2023 Fair in Rimini? We are waiting for you with great enthusiasm, TAKE A LOOK!