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Buying electronic locks for hotels and B & Bs can seem like a big step. We immediately think of all the work that will be done, the effort to explain to the guests what changes. The questions are many, and all understandable.

However, this solution can greatly improve the experience offered. Convenience affects not only guests, but also managers. In this article we will briefly explain what are the elements that should push us to evaluate the installation of the electronic key locks.You can also watch OUR VIDEO.

serratura elettronica guestkey

Because electronic locks for hotels and B & Bs are convenient for managers

Imagine the typical day of a bed & breakfast owner in a tourist city, perhaps in summer. It cannot always be present in the structure to welcome guests, but at the same time it cannot delegate check-in and check-out operations.

Every day, then, must remember the exact time when the guests have indicated that they want to arrive. And for each new arrival, he is forced to go to the facility, perform the ritual operations and illustrate the characteristics of the room and common areas. The operation can also be repeated several times a week. In addition to being particularly boring, all this leads to losses of:

  • Time: welcoming guests is a privilege, but the minutes devoted to this practice are taken away from other activities
  • Money: to arrive in time for the appointment with guests, you must presumably travel with the car, which can lead to various types of expenses. Or you have to delegate someone by hiring them.

With remote access control systems, in short, the use of hotel automation, on the other hand, these problems disappear.

controllo degli accessi

Access control becomes simple

Guestkey electronic locks simplify the lives of holiday home and guest house managers. The reason is simple. All you have to do, once you have received a reservation, is to create a unique code thanks to the management software, which is particularly easy to use. This code unlocks the door of the room and activates the utilities only for the period of time reported by guests during the booking phase.

Near the arrival of travelers, just send the code. How you do it? In the simplest way possible (how it works). By means email, Whatsapp, Telegram or any other communication system.

In this way, the managers do not have to go to the hotel every time a new guest arrives, saving time and money.

un'esperienza gradevole

A more pleasant experience for travelers

It happened to everyone, sooner or later. Your flight was delayed, or the train you traveled on had technical problems, and arrived at the station after the scheduled time. In these cases, if you are expected at the hotel, you are forced to call the reception and say that the time reported for arrival must be postponed. It is a nuisance.

senza chiavi senza tessereOnce you arrive in the structure then, you must always rely on the employees prepared not only for the check-in and check-out phases, but also every time you want to go out. As if this were not enough, the delivery of keys and magnetic cards can cause problems of all kinds, first of all loss or theft. Thus, a possible pleasant holiday can turn into an unpleasant experience.

The lines at the reception become a distant memory

The door opener keypads for hotels give guests the opportunity to experience a stay truly close to their needs. First of all, they allow you to arrive at any time, without having to notify the reception or any other employee. Once you receive the code, you are completely autonomous.

senza file alla reception

Likewise, having the code allows you to enter and exit the facility as many times as you want, when you want. No more queues at the reception, no requests. The risk of theft of keys or magnetic cards also disappears, since all you need is to remember your unique code. In short, a great convenience.

Guestkey Electronic locks for hotel
With the door opener keyboards it is possible to significantly improve the experience offered to its guests, and eliminate numerous management tasks. For more information, please read the FAQ, and take advantage of our free call service, completely without obligation.