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GuestKey primo accesso, domotica e risparmio energertico

Guestkey Primo Access: the evolution of home automation for hotel access management

Better management of access to hotels and accommodation facilities is an issue that is more essential than ever. The development of new technologies and home automation, by now, allows for the development of automated solutions, which allow managers to have everything under control, even remotely. It is in this framework that Guestkey Primo Access fits in, a new and innovative product that has no equal on the market. Let’s see how it works. The operation of Guestkey First Login The Guestkey Primo Access system allows owners of accommodation facilities to better organize access to rooms with electronic locks. Guests, on the other hand, can count on a secure system for entering and exiting their room. Here’s how this revolutionary home automation product for hotels and B&Bs works: •  The manager generates and sends guests the opening code for the first access to the facility •  Upon arrival at the facility, guests type in the code on the GuestKey electronic keyboard •  The code works only for the first access: after entering it, the room will open and the necessary services (such as electricity and heating) will be activated          only for the pre-established days •  In the room, guests will find an RFID card, which will allow subsequent entries Therefore, to enter the room, guests will be forced to use the RFID card, which must be placed in the special Energy Saving pocket. Only after doing this will the utilities be activated.  

Domotica Hotel e automazione nel processi di checkin

What are the benefits of Guestkey First Login? After having briefly illustrated how it works, it seems right to underline the great advantages of Guestkey First Access. This system brings with it many positive sides. For example: •  It allows energy savings of around 65%, given that the utilities are immediately disabled when the original code expires or the RFID card is removed from the Energy Saving pocket •  The system does not require any internet access •  The utilities (lights, electrical sockets, hairdryer) are activated after the contactor, and only when the RFID card is inserted in the appropriate badge holder •  Access to the rooms is allowed only to users enabled on expiry, or to those who have the code to type on the electronic keyboard for the first time The managers will obviously also have passepartout cards for owners and attendants, which will facilitate the work of the staff in all the necessary environments. How is the Guestkey First Access system made up? The home automation lock system with Guestkey Primo Accesso badge is a perfect option for bed & breakfast owners, but also for landlords and hotels. The system consists of: •  A GuestKey electronic keyboard •  1 passepartout card for each owner – associated with a numeric code for the keyboard, which will always be active •  1 passepartout card for the staff – also in this case, there will be a numerical code that is always active • 2 passepartout cards for guests – the numerical code, in this case, will only be active for the first access How do you install this system? To fully benefit from the advantages of the Guestkey First Access system, it is advisable to follow some indications. Within each room concerned, for example, it would be useful to insert:  

  •  A 12-module built-in panel. IP40 •  A high sensitivity differential magneto-thermal switch • Some circuit breakers to protect light lines and sockets •  A transformer for the 12 V circuits •  A contactor for enabling the light circuits and sockets with the customer in the room Furthermore, the recommended power supply is 12 Volt DC 2A. When the work is finished, the outside of the room will see the presence of the GuestKey electronic keyboard, to be used for the first access. Inside the room, on the other hand, there will be a badge reader, which guests will have to use to enter the following times and activate the utilities.

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Buy the Guestkey First Access system now The GuestKey Primo Accesso self check-in system can already be purchased at an advantageous price. On our website you will find all the information necessary to learn more about the use of this innovative product, capable of combining the advantages of home automation for hotels and home automation for B&Bs with the efficiency of a computerized system. For any information, we are always available at the email address Alternatively, you can call 0941 912335 and 0941 901172. Planning your accommodation remotely, with GuestKey solutions, has never been easier.