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home automation bonus to make your structure smart

Home Automation Bonus and Ecobonus: make your structure smart and eco-sustainable!

In an increasingly modern and technological world, home automation systems are increasingly invading our homes, but above all company structures, where they can also be used to facilitate the management of customers or employees.

In this particular period i home automation systems, they can enjoy the latest benefits put in place by the government. Buying simple electronic locks with various opening methods or complete systems to manage the entire structure, it becomes simple and advantageous.

With this guide we help you understand the requirements necessary to make the most of the incentives.

technical aspects of automated devices

The technical aspects of the devices

Automated devices must comply with the following technical criteria in order to be included in the field of "building automation" and therefore to be able to take advantage of the Home Automation Bonus ed Ecobonus:

  • Devices must be able to show i energy consumption and periodically provide data via multimedia channels.
  • The devices must be able to show the operating conditions and the control temperatures of the systems.
  • The devices must allow the remote control of the systems connected to it, allowing them to be switched on, off and programmed.

The requirements of the systems

The incentives can benefit from two different rates for interventions between 1 July 2020 and expiring on 31 December 2021.

  • Rate of 110% for works carried out at the same time as leading interventions, such as: the replacement of heating systems for both individual homes and condominiums or the thermal insulation of the property.
  • In the event that the interventions of "building automation” are incurred individually, the rate applied will be 65%.

the types of expenses that fall within the home automation bonus

The types of expenses you may incur

The expenses that are part of the incentives are:

  • Supply and installation of all the equipment that makes up the home automation system.
  • Electrical and masonry works necessary for the installation and commissioning of the systems.
  • Disposal interventions partial or total of existing air conditioning systems.
  • Professional performance for the management of the works and the technical documentation.

The expenses excluded from the deductions are those relating to the purchase of remote control devices such as PCs, smartphones, tablets and more.

Who carries out the checks?

The body responsible for carrying out the checks will be ENEA. Which will carry out random checks, making use of qualified professionals who will have the task of verifying compliance with the requirements for accessing the benefits and the actual eligibility conditions.

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Given the high number of requirements necessary to obtain both the 110% Ecobonus that simply the Home Automation Bonus, in addition to following this guide that we have made available to you, you can contact us via Email at [email protected], via the messaging service WhatsApp or simply by calling our offices on +39 0941901172 where our experts will be able to guide you in purchasing the system best suited to your needs.


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