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Electronic lock door opener, managing access to hotels and B & Bs is easy

Tourism changes, and therefore accommodation facilities must also change with the use of home automation. The use of an electronic lock and door opener keyboard, in this sense, can make the difference. Thanks to this product, a real novelty proposed on the market by Porte Italiane, it is possible to better manage access, limit electricity consumption and give guests more freedom. Why install an electronic door opener keyboard?
According to data from the Doxa observatory ( relating to summer 2018, Italians are willing to spend rather high amounts to go on vacation, but the length of stay is always shorter. There are two, among others, the data that arouse interest:
The most popular accommodation facility is the bed and breakfast, with a 110% increase in presences.
Online booking growth is 22%.

These data, apparently unrelated to each other, instead photograph a rather evident situation:

Tourists want to be free to make the most of the (little) time available on vacation.
The absence of intermediation (travel agencies or other similar subjects) makes hotel and b & b booking operations more streamlined.
If tourism evolves, as mentioned, the accommodation facilities must also change. This is why installing a door opener keyboard is a winning move. As part of an intelligent use of hotel automation.

serratura elettronica tastiera

Door opener keyboard: the benefits for B&B and hotel managers.

From a practical point of view, the Guest Key electronic lock keypad, offered by Porte Italiane, looks like a normal numeric keypad. To access their room, guests only have to type in the temporary code given to them by the owner of the structure.

The benefits of hotel automation for managers are evident:

  • The presence of managers in the structure during the weekend or at night is no longer necessary: just generate the temporary code and send it to your guests via email or WhatsApp.
  • When the code expires, all the electrical users of the room (lights, air conditioners, etc. etc.) are disabled, for significant energy savings.
  • The service staff has an access code, which can be modified by the manager, which allows entry to the rooms.
  • The owner always has a unique, non-modifiable code available, which allows you to open all the rooms.


In this way you have the opportunity to achieve an objective of obvious importance: thanks to the speed of sending the codes, it is possible to provide guests with a fast and punctual service. Considering that the codes are distributed via smartphone or PC, any time constraints for check-in are eliminated.

Numeric keypad for opening doors: hotel automation the benefits for guests.

The benefits of using the electronic keyboard for electric locks do not only come to the aid of hotel and bed and breakfast managers, but also of guests.

Thanks to the solution offered by Porte Italiane, in fact, tourists will enjoy these benefits:
  • You will no longer have any time obligations to check-in: just communicate via smartphone with the manager of the facility, who will send the unlock code.
  • Nor will it be necessary to carry heavy and bulky keys with you, with the fear of losing them during your stay.
  • No worries to understand how to turn off air conditioners, televisions or lights: when the code expires, the electronic users are automatically deactivated.

With the door opener keyboard, therefore, it is really possible to give your holidays, especially short ones, all the flexibility you need.

apri la porta dell'hotel senza chiavi

How the electronic keypad for electric locks works.

From a technical point of view, the Guest Key electric door lock keypad looks like a normal numeric keypad with large keys, which can be installed in 503 electrical boxes.

The keyboard is equipped with a flashing red LED, so as to be visible even in low light conditions. When entering the code, the color of the LED changes to green, while the keyboard emits a small acoustic signal. The door is unlocked, the utilities are activated and the guest can enter the room.

From a technical point of view, access codes are created by accessing the profile of your structure on the platform (RESERVED AREA). Once inside, you will find yourself in front of the screen with the list of all the rooms. By selecting a room, and entering the number of days of stay required, the seven-digit code will be created and sent to the guest.


Everything can be performed from any computer or smartphone, without the need to be physically present in the structure.

storico dei codici tastiera elettronica

The Guest Key door opener keyboard is an innovative and modern product, offered in preview by Porte Italiane and offered at an advantageous price. Our experts will be able to advise you best on this and other home automation solutions for hotels and homes for the indoor version or for the outdoor home automation version for hotel water proof.

Offer your guests a more comfortable and modern stay: contact us today for a consultation!

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