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New Trends: Short Holidays and Foreign Tourists - Self Check-in Becomes Indispensable for Hospitality

In recent years, the hospitality industry has faced a number of unprecedented challenges, including the global pandemic which has led to significant disruptions in travel and tourism. However, with the evolution of the health situation and the progress of vaccination, the world of tourism is showing signs of recovery. In this context, we are witnessing new trends and significant changes in the sector, in particular with the emergence of an interesting phenomenon: the growing interest in short holidays, both from local and foreign tourists. This new approach to travel has led accommodation facilities to reconsider their offers and introduce innovative solutions to meet the needs of a clientele increasingly oriented towards quick and targeted stay experiences. In this context, Self Check-in is proving to be an indispensable element for offering an efficient and satisfying stay experience.

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The Rise of Short Breaks and the Change in Traveler Behaviour:

With the transition from a period of lockdowns and restrictions, many people are now keen to travel again. However, long trips may not always be practical or preferred, especially considering the uncertainties related to the health situation in several destinations. As a result, many travelers are opting for shorter, more focused travel experiences. According to data provided by Istat relating to the first six months of 2022, tourist trips characterized by stays of one or a few nights increased by 31,6% compared to the previous year. This trend has been driven by a shift in traveler preferences, with a growing demand for more concise and dynamic stay experiences.

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Meeting the Needs of Short-Term Tourists:

The growing interest in short breaks has posed new challenges for accommodation facilities. Travelers who choose short stays have different needs than those who opt for longer holidays. They want to maximize the time available to explore the destinations they visit, avoiding wasting time on bureaucratic formalities or waiting. In response to these new needs, Self Check-in has proven to be a winning solution for offering a quick and efficient registration experience. With Self Check-in, tourists can access their accommodations independently, reducing waiting times and simplifying the initial phase of their trip.


The Crucial Role of Self Check-in for Foreign Tourists:


Short breaks are often the preferred choice for foreign tourists, especially when visiting a new continent or a region with many destinations to explore. These travelers often move from one city to another, visiting several locations during their trip. As a result, arrival times at an accommodation facility may be unpredictable, due to late-night airline flights or trains. Self Check-in proves particularly useful in these situations, allowing tourists to access their accommodations at any time, even outside reception opening hours. Accommodation facilities that offer Self Check-in attract more of the attention of these tourists, improving their visibility on booking platforms and contributing to business growth.

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The Efficiency of GuestKey Self Check-in and Energy Savings with Integrated Home Automation:


In the hospitality context, efficiency is essential to guarantee a satisfying stay experience. To facilitate the adoption of Self Check-in, innovative solutions such as GuestKey's Ecosmart locks are gaining popularity among hospitality establishments. These locks allow customers to check in independently, without having to go through reception. Using their smartphone, tourists can open the door of their accommodation quickly and safely. This type of Self Check-in is particularly suitable for short-term travellers, who can thus begin to fully enjoy their stay from the moment of arrival.


In addition to the benefit for tourists, GuestKey's Ecosmart locks also offer a series of advantages for the facility's staff. With the ability to manage locks remotely and send temporary codes to guests, staff can ensure safe and flexible access control, even in the event of arrivals at unconventional times.

But the advantage of Self Check-in doesn't stop there. Integrated home automation technology is revolutionizing the hospitality sector, allowing for more efficient management of energy resources. Through automation and centralized control, home automation can help reduce energy costs for hospitality facilities. For example, heating, lighting and air conditioning can be adjusted based on the actual needs of guests and their use of the rooms. This leads to greater energy efficiency and a reduction in consumption, contributing not only to economic savings but also to a positive impact on the environment.

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Self check-in home automation with energy saving

The intelligent use of home automation it can also increase customer comfort and satisfaction. With the ability to control the interior environments in a personalized way, tourists can adjust the temperature and lighting according to their preferences, creating a more welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. This approach to hospitality based on the personalization of experiences is increasingly appreciated by modern travellers, who are looking for a tailor-made stay in step with the times.

In conclusion, the Hospitality sector is facing a phase of profound change, with travelers increasingly preferring quick and targeted stay experiences. Short holidays and foreign tourists are redefining the way in which accommodation facilities welcome their guests, requiring innovative solutions such as Self Check-in and integrated home automation. With cutting-edge solutions such as GuestKey's Ecosmart locks and the intelligent use of home automation, accommodation facilities can offer an efficient, personalized and sustainable stay experience, thus guaranteeing quality hospitality and a positive impact on the environment. The future of Hospitality promises to be bright, with growing attention to the needs of tourists and a constant search for innovation to meet the expectations of an increasingly demanding and aware public.

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In this panorama of changes and new trends in the Hospitality sector, Self Check-in and integrated home automation are confirmed as key elements to guarantee a modern, efficient and cutting-edge stay experience. If you manage a hospitality facility and want to offer quality hospitality, we invite you to discover GuestKey's innovative solutions.


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