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Numeric Electronic Door Lock Guestkey: Features and How it works


The Guestkey electronic door lock allows you to easily manage access to your accommodation facility. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a bed and breakfast or a hotel in the center: this solution offers numerous advantages. In fact, travelers are free to arrive at any time, with no check-in limits. The managers, however, can have everything under control even from miles away, without sacrificing security.

In this article we will briefly explain the characteristics of the electronic keypad, indicating the most important technical parameters and the factors to be taken into consideration before installation.

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The technical parameters of the Guestkey numeric door lock keypad

The numeric keypad supports up to an entrance door and 99 internal rooms. This means that even large hotels can take advantage of this novelty in the field of hotel home automation.

From an energy point of view, the maximum keyboard load is seven amps with fuse and one self-resettable ampere. The installation of a downstream contactor is particularly suitable, because it allows you to better manage the current circulating in the system and the operation of the keyboard itself.

During installation, moreover, it is important to remember that the keypad earth connection must necessarily be connected to the negative pole of the power supply.

Speaking instead of the dimensions of this appliance, it must be said that space is certainly not a problem. The keypads for remote access control can be mounted in normal 503 boxes, which are easily purchased and negligible in price. This detail also gives an idea of the size of the keyboards, which therefore offer rather small dimensions.

Lastly, it is fair to remember that the device, unlike almost all modern home automation solutions, does not require any internet connection to operate correctly.

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The operations of the electronic keyboard

The regular operation of the device can be verified through the action of the LED. Once connected to the power supply, the keyboard indicator light will start to flash, and then stabilize. The moment the guest enters his code, the LED will turn green.

Each traveler is provided with his personal code, which at the end of the stay will become unusable. In this way, safety is safeguarded and waste is avoided. Disabling the code, in fact, disables all the users of the room, avoiding excessive consumption.

The Guestkey door opener numeric keypad codes consist of seven digits. This allows you to generate a large number of always different codes, to guarantee total security. Stay time management also offers innovative solutions. For each day spent, the keyboard calculates four more hours of tolerance, so as not to surprise guests who may have forgotten the departure time.

When the code is entered, the door opening time is approximately one second.

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How the codes of electronic hotel locks work

The codes allow guests to open their room independently. Each code is generated by the Guestkey management software, supplied, and can be started via the specific internet page. Furthermore, the codes are timed: when they expire, the utilities are deactivated, and the room can no longer be opened.

The owner and service staff, on the other hand, have standardized codes, which can always be used, in order to better manage the structure at any time.

Furthermore, the code dedicated to waiters and orderlies can be freely modified by the manager. This greatly increases safety when changing personnel.

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Access control with the Guestkey numeric door lock keypad

The theme of access control in hotels is central. This is because modern accommodation facilities must be able to offer increasingly personalized experiences, according to guests’ needs. Hence the need to guarantee travelers greater freedom of action.

Holidays become shorter and shorter, but at the same time the initiatives to lengthen the tourist seasons increase. The union of these two elements creates a situation that can be difficult for accommodation facilities to manage. Travelers, also taking advantage of the offers of low-cost airlines, can choose to make a small holiday at any time of the year, perhaps only for a weekend. Knowing how to best welcome your guests at all times, therefore, becomes a crucial goal. It is also important for managers to know how they can take advantage of tax benefits.

For this reason, then, the installation of the Guestkey electronic door lock keypad is the ideal solution. A device of this type:

  • It guarantees remote control, since the manager can send the door opening code to the guest when he arrives at the facility.
  • Eliminates the need to hand over (and then collect) room keys

For more information on the code lock, do not hesitate to contact us thanks to the references included on the page Contatti

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