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Superbonus 110%, home bonus and ecobonus: home automation at ZERO cost!

By September 11, 2023September 19th, 2023No Comments

Superbonus la domotica a costo zero

Superbonus 110%, home bonus and ecobonus: home automation at ZERO cost!

The new bonuses made available by the Italian government allow the installation of home automation devices and systems for energy requalification interventions. However, you must pay attention to the devices you choose, because not all systems are part of the Superbonus, ecobonus or home bonus.

In fact, building automation works benefit from these incentives, i.e. those devices capable of automatically managing heating systems and domestic devices, which allow remote control (via smartphone, tablet, etc.) and therefore allowing digital evolution. inside your home.

Let’s see how to access the individual incentives and therefore understand which one is right for us to obtain the contribution without making mistakes.


Superbonus 110% per rendere smar la tua abitazione

Super bonus 110%, make your home home automation at zero cost

The Superbonus is a concession that allows a deduction of 110% in 5 years for expenses relating to interventions that improve the energy efficiency of buildings.

In particular, these interventions are divided into two categories:

interventions on the external envelope of the building with an incidence greater than 25% of the surface, to guarantee thermal insulation of the surfaces.
interventions for the replacement of existing winter air conditioning systems, in condominiums or individual buildings, with new systems for heating, cooling and production of domestic hot water, condensation or with heat pumps.

These two types of interventions are the driving ones with which it is possible to proceed with the installation of the home automation systems of our interest. Such as our Aladino home automation control unit, which by exploiting one of the two types of interventions, can be included within the bonus, capable of remotely controlling the various electronic devices, opening internal and external doors and also allowing the control of air conditioning systems.

Furthermore, to obtain the superbonus, another requirement must also be satisfied. The type of driving intervention must in fact lead the building to an improvement in two energy classes.

Ecobonus 65% a bonus for home automation

For this type of incentive, the implementation of interventions that increase the level of energy efficiency of the building is not envisaged. This bonus provides a 65% deduction (over 10 years) for those who decide to invest in home automation systems belonging to building automation. Therefore, the products purchased must always be able to remotely control the heating, air conditioning and hot water production systems using a PC, smartphone or tablet.

In particular, the functions they must perform are the following:

they will have to periodically provide and show data relating to energy consumption;
they must be able to show the operating status and allow the regulation of the systems;
they must allow the user to remotely turn the systems on, off and program them on a weekly basis.

With this bonus it is possible to obtain deductions, not only for the purchase of the devices but also for the costs incurred to allow their installation.


I sistemi per la building automation e l'ecobonus

50% Home Bonus Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance

For simple building renovations, a tax deduction contribution of 50% is provided for works carried out up to the end of 2021. It is thus possible to include both the purchase and installation of electrical systems within the incentive. This bonus covers extraordinary maintenance costs incurred for single buildings, while in condominiums it covers the costs incurred for ordinary maintenance.


Sul nostro negozio puoi acquistare i dispositvi con lo sconto in fattura

Guestkey offers home automation devices for building automation with a discount on the invoice

In our Online Shop you can find the devices with all the requirements described to take advantage of the 110% Superbonus and 65% Ecobonus. Furthermore, you will have the possibility of not having to wait 10 or 5 years to recover the amount spent, but you will be able to transfer your credit directly to us, thus obtaining an immediate discount on the invoice.

For more information on our devices, do not hesitate to call us on 0941 901172 and 0941 912335. Or use our assistance service via WhastApp.