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Remote condominium door opening: The ideal HOME AUTOMATION solution for holiday home hosts

If you own an apartment in a condominium and want to facilitate access for your guests without modifying the existing intercom system or adding external keypads, you are in the right place.

This is a common problem that many holiday home hosts face, but there is an innovative and safe solution to solve it: the ECOSMART Condominium Door – the GuestKey solution that will allow you to open the condominium door and the apartment door remotely, making your guests’ experience simpler and more pleasant.


Controllo a distanza del portone condominiale: La soluzione perfetta.

The Different Types of Intercom Systems

Before exploring GuestKey’s home automation solution, it is important to understand the different types of intercom systems. They can be divided into three main categories:

Analogue systems (4+n wires): These systems use 4 common wires for all apartments and a dedicated wire for each apartment. The external button panel directs the call to the desired apartment. The internal ringtone in the apartment will ring only for the direct call to the corresponding unit.
Bus-type systems (2 wires): These systems use two common wires for all the apartments and the calls are addressed through a code managed by the bus. Each apartment will have a different extension and the opening and call commands travel in the form of codes through the bus.
How to Manage the Opening of the Condominium Door of your Home Remotely

Remote management of the opening of the condominium door is possible with the help of a device that communicates with the outside via an internet connection and interacts with the intercom system. It is essential to limit the intervention exclusively to the internal part of the apartment (for example, the handset) so as not to interfere with the common parts of the system, including the condominium external pushbutton panel.

But how to solve the problem if the intercom system does not have an internet connection? In this case, you need to install an external device with this functionality to allow remote opening to guests.


Interfono per ingresso blindato con integrazione domotica.

The GuestKey Solution: ECOSMART Condominium Door

GuestKey, known as a leader in the provision of solutions for opening condominium doors, has developed the ECOSMART Condominium Door device, with different configurations to adapt to the specific needs of each intercom system.


Schema di collegamento per centralina di accesso condominiale senza connessione WiFi.

Remote Opening Mode

Offline: The condominium door opens via a ring code on the building’s external bell. (For further details, visit the link: Condominium door opening kit) HERE IS THE WIRING DIAGRAM FOR THE VERSION WITHOUT INTERNET CONNECTION AND WITHOUT ANY KEYPAD IN THE INTERCOM
Online: It can be opened with a simple click on your smartphone, allowing quick and intuitive remote management. (For further details, visit the link: ECOSMART Condominium Door – Remote Opening) HERE IS THE WIRING DIAGRAM FOR THE VERSION WITH INTERNET CONNECTION AND WITHOUT ANY KEYPAD IN THE INTERCOM
Customized Solutions for Every Case

GuestKey solutions allow you to manage the opening of the condominium door even in the absence of an internet connection, guaranteeing maximum flexibility and security. They have been carefully developed to adapt to the specificities of each intercom system, be it analogue, bus or Ethernet type.



Schema elettrico per l'integrazione del sistema domotico Ecosmart.

The GuestKey ECOSMART Condominium Door is the perfect solution for holiday home hosts who want to simplify access for their guests without making invasive changes to the condominium intercom system. With its various remote opening modes, GuestKey offers maximum flexibility, allowing hosts to manage access securely and conveniently. If you would like to know more about GuestKey’s ECOSMART Condominium Door, visit the link below and find out how to improve your guests’ experience.

To find out more about GuestKey’s remote condominium door opening system, visit: ECOSMART Condominium Door – Remote Opening