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Sistemi di comotica per rendere gli hotel smart

What are guests looking for in new generation smart hotels?


The evolution of technology is also revolutionizing the hotel industry, giving rise to “next generation smart hotels”. But what are guests looking for in these cutting-edge facilities?

To try to answer this question it is necessary to analyze the expectations of travelers who choose to stay in smart hotels, underlining the features and services that are becoming increasingly crucial to offering a first-class stay experience.

How the role of hotels has changed with technology

With the advent of new technologies, next-generation smart hotels are emerging as a preferred choice for many travellers. These activities are no longer limited to just providing a place to sleep; aim to create unique and personalized experiences. This is what guests are looking for in these modern hotel facilities

Check in without problems

One of the main advantages of smart hotels is the ability to check in quickly and without problems. Guests are looking for a smooth and fast check-in process, often preferring self-check-in via terminals or mobile apps. This not only saves time but also offers more convenience.

Control and customization

Guests want to have total control of their hotel experience. Smart hotel rooms are equipped with home automation control systems that allow guests to easily adjust the temperature, lighting, curtains and even music. The ability to customize the environment according to your preferences is a fundamental aspect.

Advanced connectivity and technology

Fast and reliable connectivity is essential in smart hotels. Guests look for free high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the property. Furthermore, the presence of USB power sockets and wireless charging sockets at strategic points in the rooms is a great advantage.


Virtual assistance and services on request

Guests appreciate the presence of virtual assistants or chatbots that can answer their questions and fulfill their requests. On-demand services, such as room service via apps, bike rental and the organization of transfers, must be easily and immediately accessible through technology.

Security and privacy

Despite the high technology, guests in smart hotels place a great emphasis on security and privacy. The presence of clearly visible security cameras and access control systems is important to make guests feel safe during their stay.

The role of hotel home automation in welcoming guests

Home automation, or the automation of domestic and professional environments through technology, plays a crucial role in new generation smart hotels. These systems allow guests to control their surroundings in an intuitive and personalized way. Using hotel home automation can include features such as controlling lights, shades, temperature and audiovisuals, all through mobile devices or voice commands.

This integration offers an unprecedented level of comfort and customization, helping to make guests’ stay an extraordinary experience. Furthermore, home automation can improve the energy efficiency of hotels, reducing waste and improving environmental sustainability, an aspect increasingly appreciated by guests.



Next-generation smart hotels are redefining the hospitality experience, offering guests a combination of convenience, personalization and advanced technology. Those who choose to stay at these properties are looking for a hassle-free experience, reliable connectivity and tailor-made services. Maintaining a balance between high technology and attention to security and privacy is crucial to meeting guest expectations in smart hotels.

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