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How does GuestKey work?

Step 1

From the main screen you can have a complete view of your property, with an overview of the rooms
  • booking planning
  • the state of charge of the batteries
  • temperature control
  • presence in the customer's room
  • camera
  • turning on the lights
  • opening from the intercom of the condominium door
Hotel management with room opening
Customer in the room
free room
Room temperature
Condominium door opening
Integrated home automation

Step 2

By clicking on a room you will access the different functions
  • such as the creation of timed codes and cards
  • remote opening
  • sending codes by email or whatsapp
  • access history
  • the cards associated with the room
  • buttons for turning on the lights
management code list for door opening
Remote opening
Automatically send codes to the customer
Reservation list

Step 3

Sending codes to the customer
  • with a pre-set message you automatically send the codes
  • and any communications to the customer (how to get to the hotel, wifi password, etc.)
email message with sending timed door opening codes
automatic sending of the generated codes
with directions to get to the hotel etc.

Step 4

You will have the opportunity to create
  • first access code with Energy Saving, the customer enters the room for the first time with the numerical codes and for subsequent accesses will use the Rfid Card.
  • permanent codes for facility owners and staff
  • timed and cyclical codes.
Creation of codes, with customer information
Customization of the timed Energy Saving Pocket on 503 cassette
Customer in the room, for energy saving

Step 5

Manage rooms remotely with integrated home automation
  • Turning lights on and off
  • Deactivation of all electrical utilities in the room
  • Opening and closing motorized shutters
  • Room temperature control
  • Climate on and off
Management of hotel rooms from remto
Remotely turning on the lights
Opening and closing of shutters
Room temperature control and management