Frequently Asked Questions

The increase in the volume of communication poses the need for an information system that is rapid and useful. The FAQs arise from the fact that, with the increasing complexity of the site structure or the number of users, it happens to be submerged by a large amount of emails and requests. These always ask the questions we have collected as it is impossible, or inefficient, to escape individually.
Here are the frequently asked questions (faq) and inserted with the answers on the page, we hope they will be consulted. Of course we remain available contact us.

manuale d'uso della tastiera a codici temporanei
Guestkey FAQ – Questions and answers on the electronic door opener keyboard.

How do I create a code for opening a specific door?

Go to the dedicated website, access your account page and in it you will find your rooms.

Select the room and establish the customer’s stay days.

Thanks to our powerful algorithm, the system generates codes to open the indicated door.

How do I send the code to the electronic lock keypad?

No need to send any code to the electronic keyboard.

All keyboards are AUTONOMOUS and NOT CONNECTED to the Internet.

Send the code to your guest via e-mail, WhatsApp, phone call, SMS … or as you prefer.

How does the keyboard understand if the code is valid?

Our encrypted algorithm communicates only the sequence of valid codes to the keyboard.

When the bedroom door is opened, are the electric users activated?

Of course, when entering the code, the keypad activates ENERGY SAVING all electrical services,

moreover, upon expiry of the stay in the hotel, all electrical services are deactivated

(lights, air conditioning, water heater, heating, etc)

Can I have a supervisor-owner code?

As the owner you have a unique valid access code.

Can I have a code for the waitress?

The service personnel have an always valid access code.

Do you turn on electricity with the waitress code or the owner code?

ENERGY SAVER – The electrical consumers are activated momentarily.

For all my ports, can I have a single account?

Of course, you can manage all your doors on a single platform

Doors need not necessarily be in the same building.

They can also be distant from each other … scattered around the world!

Do the codes generated for guests expire?

Yes! You can generate automatic expiration codes based on the check-out day.

The maximum duration of a code is 99 days (for security reasons).

Can I generate a code for a single opening?

Yes you can generate a code for a single opening, exact even for a single access!

Is the GUESTKEY system safe?

Safety is our priority, it is designed to be safe.

Guestkey is not connected to the internet or anything else … so it is NOT Hackable.

The encrypted codes created have millions of possible combinations.

Furthermore, if you enter more than 5 incorrect codes, the keyboard will lock for 1 minute!

What type of lock is the electronic time lock keyboard compatible with?

It is compatible with any electric lock, electronic lock, combination lock.

Are the codes paid?

NO, the codes are not paid, you just have to make an annual subscription of € 25.00 (MANAGEMENT)

(with the subscription you can manage up to 99 rooms plus 1 main entrance) and you can generate

all the codes you want, without any limitation.

Can I cancel a generated code?

Yes, you can type the cancellation of the temporary code directly on the keyboard.

Is there a key handover?

Our opening system, we can define it OPENING WITHOUT KEYS. No need to hand over the keys, avoiding unnecessary waiting.

Can I use an electric strike on the door?

Yes, the keyboard is compatible with almost all electric locks or electric gates,

condominium doors and electric shutters.