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FAQ: ALADINO HOME AUTOMATION the most common questions we are asked.

The most common answers about hotel home automation
Guestkey FAQ – questions and answers about the electronic door opener keypad

How do I open a room?

Go to the dedicated site, log in to your account page and there you will find your rooms.
Go to the relevant room, click CHAMBER OPENING

Open the door with hotel home automation

How do I create DIGITAL KEYS?

At the section DIGITAL KEYS
Select the relevant one ROOM

create and send the electronic key

How do I send the DIGITAL KEYS?

Select the day and time of entry and also the day and time of check-out.
Record the guest's name with telephone number and email.
Select a method of sending the DIGITAL KEYS (email-whatsapp-telegram etc..)

customer registration on hotel home automation

Am I forced to write a message to the Guest every time?

Absolutely not
It's all automated, there is a pre-set message (which you can customize).
Click ENTER and the system will automatically send the DIGITAL KEY.
The DIGITAL KEYS will be valid and will only work for the pre-established days.


Can I send the DIGITAL KEYS by email or whatsapp?

Yes, of course you can send the DIGITAL KEYS by email, whatsapp, telegram, etc.

sending the electronic key by email

Here is the WhatsApp message that reaches the customer

A convenient pre-set message sent to the customer:

sending digital key with hotel home automation

How does the customer open the room?

The customer opens the room by clicking on the DIGITAL KEY


If I have an entrance door and a room, can I send more than one DIGITAL KEY at the same time?

Yes, of course you will have to prepare a scene in which there are two or more keys that you can send at the same time

I am sending 2 home automation virtual keys

Can I create a DIGITAL KEY passpartout for the waitress?

You can certainly create a DIGITAL KEY passpartout for the waitress. The DIGITAL KEY PASS can also be programmed in time slots.

You will be able to program the DIGITAL KEY PASS to open the rooms, for example, only in the morning when the maid has to tidy up the rooms and perhaps it won't work in the afternoon.

Energy Saving or Energy saver.... the easy energy saving

ENERGY SAVER – You can program that the electrical utilities are activated only when you have the room booked.

Can I manage all the doors from a single control panel?

Of course, you can manage all your doors on a single platform

The doors or utilities do not necessarily have to be in the same building.

They can even be distant from each other... scattered throughout the world!

home automation control panel

Do the DIGITAL KEYS generated for guests have an expiration date?


You can generate DIGITAL KEYS with check-in date and time and check-out date and time.

Outside these ranges the DIGITAL KEYS will not work.

Can I generate a DIGITAL KEY for a single opening?

Yes you can generate a DIGITAL KEY for a single opening, that's right even for just a single access!


Safety is our priority.

DIGITAL KEYS are encrypted.

What type of lock is the DIGITAL KEY compatible with?

It is compatible with any electric lock, electronic lock, combination lock

Are the DIGITAL KEYS subject to payment?

NO, the DIGITAL KEYS do not require payment, you just have to make an annual subscription of €25,00 (ALADIN MANAGEMENT)

with the subscription you can manage all the rooms you want and all the expansions you want.

Can I cancel a DIGITAL KEY?

Of course, you can delete and modify the DIGITAL KEYS.

Do I have to give the Mechanical Keys to my guest?

We can define our opening system as KEYLESS OPENING. No need to hand over the keys, avoiding unnecessary waiting.

Can I use an electric strike on the door?

Yes, the keypad is compatible with almost all electric locks or electric gates,

condominium doors and electric shutters.