E-SHOP Electronic door lock with time codes

Managing access  is easy

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a chi si rivolge guestkey

● Hotels.
● Bed & breakfast.
● Landlord
● Holiday homes
● Accomodation facilities

vantaggi tastiera a tempo

●Energy saving .
● Electronic door lock - With the keypad, no key, only codes.
● It manages up to 99 rooms and in addition a main door.

guestkey f

• Create the temporary code for the permanence
• Send the code directly to your customer by email or whatsapp.
• You have no need to be present in the structure.
• The electronic door lock does not require keys.

tecnologia guestkey

• Proprietary encrypted algorithm
• No internet connection required.
• Compatible with any electric lock, electronic lock, combination lock.

tastiera a tempo per apertura camere beb

The electronic door lock with GuestKey code is easy and safe

Open the door without keys, manage your bed and breakfast, hotel, holiday home remotely. Automate the electric lock or electronic lock, you will have no STRESS for night or holiday arrivals.

Welcome your guests even when you are on vacation! Safe and easy to use, the door opener keyboard, because it does not need any internet connection, works with encrypted algorithms.


Electronic door lock with temporary codes.

GuestKey the electronic door lock with code is also available in the electronic lock version with badge.
The code to open the door also sends it by email and also by whatsapp or message.
The code will be valid only for the guest’s stay, in fact only for the established period the code will open the door in addition to activating the electrical utilities.

serratura elettronica a tempo energy saver


Easy to install
Simple and intuitive to use.

GuestKey is an innovative electronic lock, ideal for small and large hotel structures.
So easy to install made of capacitive glass. It allows access to the rooms without the delivery of keys. Likewise, facilitating check-in and check-out makes the guest experience comfortable and modern.
In conclusion, the manager of the facility will simplify the reception and management of the rooms, also obtaining energy savings.

tastiera elettronica a codici lato posteriore

Welcome customers with a click.

proprietario hotel genera codici di apertura porta

● It connects with our dedicated server.
● Create the temporary code for the stay.

invio codice apertura porta guestkey

● Welcome guests with a CLICK.
● Send the code to the guest by whatsApp or Email.

programmazione apertura porta

● Receive the code on your mobile phone.
● With a welcome message.
● Enter the code in the structure's electronic keyboard.

apertura camera hotel con guestkey

● Opening the door will activate all the electrical consumers.
● Upon expiry, it will no longer be possible to access the property, therefore the utilities will be deactivated.


All with the utmost safety of guests, service personnel and the owner.
The codes are created before the start of the stay, through our dedicated server.

risparmio con energy saver

Guaranteed energy saver.

entrate a tempo

Satisfied guests and managers, with no time or attendance obligations.

Codici criptati gueskey

The key must not be kept and cannot be lost.


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