Bridge Ecosmart


Ecosmart Bridge for electronic locks

Bridge and improves the security and energy efficiency of electronic locks
Significant energy savings for electronic locks, with the integration of the bridge
Facilitates smart home integration, improving the overall user experience
Strengthen remote control and management of electronic locks with the bridge


Bridge Ecosmart technology for access control for innovative electronic locks

In the world of home and business security, electronic locks have become an indispensable element.

With the advent of increasingly advanced technologies, the Ecosmart Bridge emerges as a revolutionary solution in access control.

Let's discover together how this technology is changing the electronic security landscape.

Ecosmart Bridge system for the control of electronic locks, shown in a technological security context

The evolution of Electronic Security

Electronic locks have marked an important step forward in security, offering greater protection than traditional mechanical locks.

With the addition of the Ecosmart Bridge, these locks are now smarter, more efficient and easier to manage.

Close-up of an Ecosmart Bridge used to control electronic locks

What is the Ecosmart Bridge?

The Ecosmart Bridge is a device that integrates with electronic locks to provide advanced remote control and access management capabilities. This system allows users to open and close locks remotely, monitor access and receive real-time notifications.

GuestKey's Ecosmart Bridge represents an innovative technology for the management of electronic locks in hospitality facilities. It is a device that integrates with locks to offer advanced remote control and access management features. Thanks to this system, users can open and close locks remotely, monitor access and receive real-time notifications.
The Ecosmart Bridge has an obstacle-free range of 10 meters, essential for communicating effectively with locks in structures such as hotels and B&Bs.

Bridge Ecosmart technology for access control with innovative electronic locks

Advantages of the Ecosmart Bridge for Electronic Locks

  • Remote Control: With the Ecosmart Bridge, you can control your locks from anywhere, using an app on your smartphone.
  • Access Management: Assign temporary access codes for visitors or services, improving flexibility and security.
  • Real Time Monitoring: Receive immediate notifications in case of unauthorized access or break-in attempts.
  • Smart Home Integration: The Ecosmart Bridge can be integrated with other smart home devices, creating a fully interconnected security ecosystem.

Bridge Installation and Maintenance

Installation of the Ecosmart Bridge is simple and can be performed by the user.

Maintenance is minimal, thanks to its cutting-edge technology and build quality.

Why buy a bridge for electronic locks

The Ecosmart Bridge represents the future of electronic locks.

With its ability to enhance security and offer unprecedented access management, it is an ideal choice for those looking for advanced security solutions for their home or business. Investing in this technology means taking a step towards a safer and more connected future.

Ecosmart Bridge Technology: Improves security and accessibility in smart locks

Features of our bridge for electronic locks

  1. What is Bridge Ecosmart: The Ecosmart Bridge is a technological device used to improve and modernize access control systems in hospitality facilities such as hotels, rented apartments, offices, etc. It acts as a link between traditional electronic locks and centralized management systems.
  2. Main Features: This device allows remote management of locks, facilitating operations such as opening and closing doors, access programming, and real-time monitoring. Includes features such as managing temporary or permanent passcodes.
  3. Benefits: Using an Ecosmart Bridge in an access control system offers several benefits, including increased security, efficiency in access administration, and potential reduction in operational costs. Furthermore, it contributes to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.
  4. Applications: While it is commonly used in hotel environments, it can also be employed in other settings, such as offices, residential buildings, and educational or healthcare facilities, to improve security and access management.
  5. Installation and Maintenance: Installing an Ecosmart Bridge is simple, and can be performed without the need to modify existing infrastructure. It does not require any maintenance.

Close-up of an Ecosmart Bridge used to control electronic locks


Easy integration with existing systems, Bridge Ecosmart increases operational efficiency




70mm x 70mm x 26mm
5V / 0.5A

Operating temperature between -30° and +70° C. There is also a LED that indicates the operating status.

Technical data sheet and assembly instructions for the power supply

Ecosmart Bridge system for the control of electronic locks, shown in a technological security context

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