Electric strike for armored doors


Electric strike for armored doors that allows you to electrify your lock

In this way you will be able to connect all our home automation devices
You can open your door remotely or via RFID card

Electric strike for armored doors

With the electric strike you will not have to replace the entire lock of your armored door to be able to open it with our home automation devices and then manage it remotely.

In this way you will be able to have an electric armored door lock without carrying out major interventions, rather by intervening on a single component.

The security door electric strike finds greater application in hotels, b & bs, hotels or even on public buildings or offices. In all those places where you want to open the door using buttons, RFID card readers, keypads with time codes or home automation systems.

The installation of the electric strike is a simple operation, in fact it will be enough to modify the strike plate on the jamb of your door, in order to fix the electric strike. They can be powered indiscriminately with short pulses or in permanent power supply for long periods without overheating the coil.

Incontro elettrico per blindati

Electric strike for armored vehicles

Door opening keypad with time codes for armored doors

The electric strike allows you, for example, to connect ours GuestKey Security keyboard designed to be used on gates and entrance doors, preventing the door from opening in case of tampering with the device. The keyboard works in the same way as the internal keyboards, by generating a code on the appropriate portal to be sent to the customer, it will allow the door to be opened. The code can be set for a limited period of time and in that period will allow the door to be opened and will also start the electrical services connected to it. A great keyless lock system.

serratura per blindato con tastiera apertura a tempo

Armored electronic lock with timed opening keypad

RFID Badge Reader for Electronic Locks

The RFID door opener badge reader is another example of a door opening system. Its operation is extremely simple, just bring a card previously programmed by the owner to activate the electric strike and open the door to which it is connected.

lettore badge apertura porte rfid

RFID badge reader

Home automation system for hotels

Our most complete system for hotel home automation and accommodation facilities. The system allows the owner of the structure to manage customers, rooms and connected services through a specific management system. The customer can open the rooms and also start the services to which he has access directly via his smartphone. Our system interfaces through a control unit, through which all the services and door strikers are connected to have a home automation lock. This system guarantees a fully autonomous check in and check out service.

sistema di domotica hotel

Hotel Aladino home automation system

The characteristics of the electric strike

The electric striker for armored doors has a voltage of 12 Volts, its shape allows the pistons to slide easily.
It is supplied as standard with an adjustable insert that always guarantees excellent functioning of the safety latch of the lock.

incontro elettrico per porte blindate

Electric strike for armored doors

With opening memory (Anti-repeater): to the electrical impulse the striker prepares itself for opening and maintains this predisposition until the door is opened and closed.

The opening memory activation device is internal and not bound to the latch.

NB. The opening memory is internal and its proper functioning is guaranteed regardless of the adjustment and the door air.

How to mount the electric striker on armored doors

portoncino blindato come modificare il telaio per incontro elettrico

Prepare suitable milling on the armored door frame and fix with screws.

Incontro elettrico per serratura blindato

With a simple milling it becomes really easy to apply the electric strike

Modifica incontro per serratura elettrica

Make a square hole with the hose

incontro elettrico portoncini blindati

This is how the frame will look, it is clear that the electric striker is shaped to allow the passage of the lock throws

Fissaggio incontro elettrico

Drill for the locking screws and then fix them with the frame

Incontro elettrico installato su telaio

Here is the assembled electric strike. Then it will be sufficient to proceed with the connection of the wires and the adjustment

Regolazione Incontro elettrico per blindati

Here’s how to adjust the “play” of the security door

Incontro elettrico comadato elettricamente

The “day stop” can be activated manually or with a screwdriver, inside the striker. The lock can be opened electrically if the day stop is in the OFF position

Incontro elettrico con fermo a giorno in posizione on

It can also work always open if the day stop is ON. Particularly useful in offices where the door must remain open at certain times

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Cost optimization

Increase your profits, saving on management costs and activating the room services at the same time as the customer arrives.

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Customer satisfaction

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