Electronic door lock with fingerprint reader: description and configurations


Electronic door lock and fingerprint reader

With our fingerprint reader you can manage entrances to any restricted area, easily integrating it with a 12V electronic lock. It easily finds application in public offices or schools, gyms or even hotels, in any case in any structure where it is necessary to separate a private environment by limiting access only to authorized personnel without having to resort to continuous copies of traditional keys.

The device is made up of a small security control unit, which allows the device to also have anti-tampering protection. If an attacker tampers with the external reader, they will still not be able to open the door. Each reader will be created by combining a Master fingerprint, with which it will be possible to carry out all the programming, creation and deletion operations of subsequent fingerprints. In fact, by following our instructions you can easily add a user, allowing him to insert his fingerprint, or you can delete a single fingerprint, if the end user is physically present, and in case of emergency he can delete all the fingerprints by restoring the reader who from then on will only recognize the owner's fingerprint


Guestkey Fingerprint reader

Easy to integrate with existing doors
The device also integrates easily with existing doors, in which it is possible to use the combined control unit to connect an electric strike on the door and the power supply to the reader. The reader is applied on a 503 electrical box, to be recessed into the wall or applied externally.


The electronic door lock with fingerprint reader can have different configurations. Based on the environment or the type of use the owner wants to make of it.


Rear electronic lock with fingerprint reader

The security control unit is a guarantee if you want to have an additional level of security and prevent the door from opening simply by tampering with the reader. Furthermore, it is possible to adjust the type of opening that our fingerprint reader will have to perform. In fact, the owner can choose whether when the fingerprint is read the contact should remain open and therefore function as a simple switch, or give an impulse to the electrical feedback on the door and activate the latch for a very short period of time. The time in turn can always be set by following our guidelines that you will receive together with the purchase of the fingerprint readers.

Security control unit Fingerprint reader

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