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The home automation of the Guestkey electronic door lock keypad is a new technology in the hotel sector. Better managing the entrance to the rooms, limiting the structure’s power consumption and giving guests more freedom is essential. The absence of keys to keep is a convenience and eliminates the risk of loss. This improves the experience of guests who can check-in and check-out even without the presence of the manager and with arrivals at any time. This gives independence to guests who, having the code on arrival, can access the room.

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The Guestkey electronic lock keypad is a simple numeric keypad that allows access management through a code provided by the manager. When entering the code, in addition to opening the door, the room users will be activated. As well as at closing they will be deactivated, reducing consumption and giving flexibility in all phases of the stay, from check-in to check-out.

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There are many advantages and conveniences that the Guestkey electronic lock home automation system brings to the structures that use it. Autonomy, economy, flexibility and security. The service staff and the manager always have a special passepartout access code available.


With temporary timed codes it is also possible to establish the duration of validity of the code provided based on the length of stay of the guests. The lock with digital time code has no need for internet connections, wi-fi, modem, software or other, working exclusively with independent encrypted algorithms generated by the online management system that can be used by the manager.

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The GuestKey electronic lock home automation system allows your structure to appear in the first search results of airbnb thanks to AirB&B self check-in.

Your ad will appear in the job collection and increase the chances of renting your property.

Electronic lock keypad.

  • All codes for the electronic lock are generated by our platform, the Guestkey GK1 management system. Management Shop Page.
  • The manager of the facility generates the code (7 digits) for the days of stay.

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  • The manager sends the generated code to the guest (via email and / or whatsapp or other means).

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  • The customer introducing himself in the structure and typing the code in the electronic keypad will open the door and all the services will be activated in the room (electricity, air conditioning, hotel home automation etc …)

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  • At the end of the stay, the door opening code will no longer work and all room services will be automatically disabled.

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The code lock keypad fits perfectly in the 503 electrical boxes, flashes red and discreetly (so as to be visible even in the dark). When the 7-digit code is entered, the color changes to green and emits a small beep and by opening the door all the electric users will activate for the set time.

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The encrypted code system of the hotel door opener keypad is safe and effective.

The manager will have a unique and unchangeable opening code through which he can open all the doors of the structure and activate the electrical services.

The service staff will have a unique passepartout  hotel key code that can be modified by the manager. For the opening of all the doors of the structure, when it enters to perform the services in the room, the electrical utilities will activate for 2 hours. There is the possibility to remove the energy before the expiration of the two hours by typing any key.

NB: no code will be sent to the keyboard, through our encrypted algorithm although the keyboard is not connected to the internet the door will open.

The installation of the Guestkey electronic door lock keypad system is simple and non-invasive. Surprisingly economical, our solution is perfect and guaranteed for all small, medium and large hotel structures. Do not hesitate to get in touch with our staff for any questions and requests.

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Please make your purchase in the Italian section of the site.