Lock with code and fingerprint reader: access management in an innovative and remote way.



The new latest generation lock contains all the innovation in the field of door opener home automation systems. The system integrates perfectly with existing and newly created doors and consists of access management via code, app and fingerprints.
You can also send access codes remotely, without being physically present in the facility, while for greater convenience you can use the fingerprint reader to allow service staff access to the hotel or B&B room.

Electronic lock with fingerprint reader


The fingerprint reader allows you to easily manage limited access in your facility. In fact, it can record the fingerprints of only authorized personnel, so they can access easily without carrying physical cards or keys. The electronic locks work with batteries, so you can install them both on existing doors, without having to carry out expensive building work, but at the same time they can be installed on a new door model, preventing any problems that may arise with the use of classic systems with cables.

The owner will have full management of the lock, using our app you will be able to manage and create:

  • Digital keys, to allow access to customers or collaborators via their smartphone, taking advantage of the lock's Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Encrypted codes, to be generated even remotely, which can be for a single access, temporary, or permanent.
  • Register fingerprints, to allow access to authorized personnel simply by placing your finger on the fingerprint reader and unlocking the lock.


The owner can open with the application or by registering his fingerprint on the lock. It manages the entrances to be authorized and thanks to the codes generated you will have no problems with arrivals at night or on holidays. Easy to install, it does not require cables and can also be installed on existing doors and without preparation for home automation systems.

Electronic lock with backlit keypad

The entrance door locks for hotels are made of stainless steel and copper alloy, of high quality and safety.

You will be able to view the battery level directly via the App, and you can easily recharge it via USB cable, and in case of emergency make it work via power bank.

Wireless digital lock package

It is also equipped with a mechanical emergency key to open the lock manually in case of extreme necessity.

It is not necessary to prepare electrical wires.

Components Electronic lock with fingerprint reader

The electronic lock with fingerprint reader consists of:
Pair of handle with lock Fingerprint and integrated numeric keypad
Pair of Rosettes to cover the existing Yale lock hole
Mechanical lock with provision for Yale cylinder
N° 2 Mechanical keys for emergency openings


Hole for emergency mechanical key

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