Power supply for home automation systems


Power supply for home automation systems

You will be able to power all our home automation devices
You can easily install it on a DIN rail
Minimal bulk thanks to its reduced thickness
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DIN power supply for home automation systems

With our power supply you can connect all our home automation devices.

In fact, you can use it to power our GuestKey door opener keyboards, our Aladino home automation devices and also for RFID readers. If you want to make your hotel innovative, by installing coded opening, with RFID cards or with the new remote opening technology via smartphone, you will have to power these devices. In fact, it can be easily associated with our devices for Smart Home, Hotel Automation and Building Automation.

In our shop you can find everything you need to allow the installation of our home automation systems.

Power supply for home automation devices

Power supply for home automation devices

Door opener keypad with timed codes

For example, the power supply allows you to connect ours GuestKey keyboard made to be used on gates and entrance doors, internal doors for hotel rooms or even in public offices. The keyboard, generating a code on the appropriate portal to be sent to the customer, will allow the door to be opened. The code can be set for a limited period of time and in that period it will allow the door to be opened and will also start the electrical services connected to it. An excellent keyless lock system.

guestkey electronic lock

GuestKey electronic lock

RFID Badge Reader for Electronic Locks

Il RFID door opener badge reader it is another example of a door opening system. Its operation is extremely simple, just bring a card previously programmed by the owner near it to activate the electric strike and open the door to which it is connected.

RFID door opening badge reader

RFID badge reader

Home automation system for hotels

Our most complete system for hotel home automation and accommodation facilities. The system allows the owner of the facility to manage customers, rooms and connected services via specific management software. The customer will be able to open the rooms and also start the services to which they have access directly via their smartphone. Our system interfaces via a control unit, through which all the services and door feedback are connected to have a home automation lock. This system guarantees a completely autonomous check in and check out service.

hotel home automation system

Hotel Aladino home automation system

Features of our power supply

The power supply is presented for DIN rail installation, with a very thin appearance, for a width of 17,5 mm. For correct installation, you can view the technical data sheet in the appropriate section.

Power supply for home automation systems

Power supply for home automation systems

Its features are:






100 ~ 240VAC
50 ~ 60 Hz
A 0.5


10.8 ~ 13.8 V
A 1.25
15 W

Operating temperature between -30° and +70° C. There is also a LED that indicates the operating status.

Technical data sheet and assembly instructions for the power supply

Technical assistanceTechnical assistance

We assist you by telephone from purchase to the installation phase of the most suitable home automation system for your hotel.

optimize profitsCost optimization

Increase your profits by saving on management costs and activating room services at the same time as the customer's arrival.

customer satisfactionCustomer satisfaction

Leave your customers satisfied with the excellent level of technology and security guaranteed by our home automation systems.

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