Timed energy saving – energy saving pocket


Timed energy saving pocket with card to optimize consumption in your hotel rooms, hotels and B&Bs

You will be able to save up to 60% of your facility's electricity costs
The customer will be able to activate the electrical services only if present in the room
Once the card is removed you will have time to exit the room
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Save Energy with the Energy Saver – RFID Timed Pocket for Hotels and B&Bs

In the world of hospitality, energy efficiency is not only a question of sustainability, but also of reducing operating costs. Our energy saving time pocket represents a cutting-edge solution for hotels and B&Bs looking to improve their energy management and significantly reduce associated costs.

Our device, equipped with STOP & GO technology with RFID cards, is designed to offer energy savings of more than 65% on electricity consumption in each room. Unlike traditional energy saving solutions, our timed system guarantees access to energy exclusively to authorized cards, thus avoiding accidental activation with unsuitable cards, such as business cards or credit cards.

The distinctive feature of our energy saving device is its timer function. When a guest inserts their RFID card, the system immediately activates all the electrical services in the room. Upon departure, by collecting the card, the customer will benefit from a 15-second interval during which the services will remain active, allowing a comfortable exit from the room without sudden power interruptions.

This approach not only increases comfort for guests but also allows hoteliers to promote their property as an example of efficiency and innovation while respecting the environment. Implementing our timed energy saving pocket means making a conscious choice towards a more ecological and economically advantageous management of your business in the hospitality sector.

Optimize your facility's energy consumption with our RFID time pocket solution. A small step for your facility, a big step towards sustainability and reducing operating costs.

Our system STOP & GO with card can help you save over 65% of the electricity consumption of your hotel room or bed and breakfast. The timed device, unlike normal energy saving devices, allows only authorized cards to be powered in the room. Other types of cards (such as a business card or credit card) that are inserted into the accommodation will not be detected.

As soon as the guest reaches the room and inserts his card into the timed energy saving device, it powers all the connected electrical services. Once the customer leaves the room and withdraws the card from his pocket, he will have 15 seconds to abandon it with all the electrical services still active.

Timed Energy Saving

Energy saver pocket for energy saving

Our device offers a wide range of customization options to perfectly match your facility's visual identity. You have the option to choose from up to four distinct colors, allowing you to align the device's design with your preferences or brand theme. Alternatively, we also offer the service of customizing the badge pocket with your facility's logo, adding a touch of uniqueness and recognition to the product. The cost of this customization varies based on the quantity of energy saver devices you wish to customize, ensuring flexibility and control over the budget dedicated to this tailor-made solution.

The operation of the device

Timed energy saving pocket

Timed energy saver pocket with card

As soon as the guest enters his room and places the card in the timed device, all the electrical services available in the room will automatically be activated, such as lighting, television, air conditioning, and others. This intuitive and seamless process ensures a seamless transition to comfort and welcome, making the guest experience instantly enjoyable and convenient from the first moment.

Timed energy saver pocket

Timed energy saving pocket

When the guest is preparing to leave the room and removes the card from the Energy Saver device, a 15-second countdown will be activated. This interval is designed to offer the customer enough time to comfortably exit the room without the risk of suddenly finding themselves in the dark. At the end of these 15 seconds, the power to all previously activated electrical services will be automatically disconnected, ensuring efficient and uninterrupted energy savings for the guest and the facility.

Personalized energy saving pocket

Personalized timed energy saving pocket

We offer the opportunity to make energy saving cards and pockets unique, adapting them to the identity of your hotel. By sending your facility's logo, we can customize these products, adding a distinctive value to your service. The cost for this customization will be determined at the time of ordering, ensuring transparency and adaptability to your specific needs.

Personal cards for energy saving pockets

Proprietary cards for energy saving pockets

We offer you the flexibility to use cards you already own, as long as they are compatible and recognizable by our energy-saving pocket device. If you are unsure about the compatibility of your existing cards, you have the option of sending us a sample card. We will test it to make sure it works correctly with our system, giving you peace of mind and convenience in use.

The combination of our energy saving device with the GUESTKEY keypad for electronic locks transforms every accommodation facility into a highly technological and innovative environment, while ensuring significant energy savings.

The GUESTKEY system offers the convenience of unlocking the internal and external doors of your facility by simply sending a code to the guest, thus eliminating the need to be physically present to grant access. This solution not only simplifies entrance management but also raises the level of modernity and security offered to your guests.

Time code keypad installation manual

GUESTKEY door opener keypad

The Characteristics of Timed Energy Saving

Energy saving pocket with card

Timed energy saving pocket

With the purchase of our device, your kit will include:

  • A card equipped with an anti-cloning chip, to guarantee maximum security.
  • A badge holder pocket, customizable according to your preferences or the branding of your facility.
  • A storage box for the Pocket, designed to be easily incorporated into the wall structure or installed in an external position, offering you flexibility in the setup.
Energy saving pocket lodging box

Energy saving pocket lodging box

The cassette included in our device package was designed for versatile installation, also allowing for outdoor placement. This feature eliminates the need to undertake extensive bricklaying work, thanks to the compact size and intelligent design of the cistern.

Timed energy saver pocket

Timed energy saving pocket, card slot

The timed pocket has a size of cm. 87 x 87

stop and go energy saving CARD

stop and go energy saving CARD

Connection diagram for the ENERGY SAVING Energy Saving Device:

Supply voltage: 220V (±10%)

Maximum built-in relay capacity: 30 Ampere

Technical assistanceTechnical assistance

We assist you by telephone from purchase to the installation phase of the most suitable home automation system for your hotel.

optimize profitsCost optimization

Increase your profits by saving on management costs and activating room services at the same time as the customer's arrival.

customer satisfactionCustomer satisfaction

Leave your customers satisfied with the excellent level of technology and security guaranteed by our home automation systems.

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