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Conversion kit for Yale cylinder lock into electronic lock with fingerprints and codes

With this new kit you can transform your Yale lock into a new and modern digital lock that will allow you to access using the fingerprint reader, typing the code or using Bluetooth technology and the appropriate app. This way you won't have to incur huge costs or carry out complex work on your existing door, but you will be able to easily install the lock with predisposition for a Yale cylinder produced by us and apply the electronic handle to it.

Automate your hotel with digital hotel locks, guaranteeing your customers SECURITY and a modern image of your structure. Buy electronic locks at competitive prices.


YALE Lock Transformation Kit into Digital Lock

Easy installation and guaranteed safety

With our system you will finally be able to replace your Yale lock without having to carry out difficult work on your door panel, thus saving significantly on installation costs, but without having to give up technology and safety, always guaranteeing emergency opening using the physical key .

Installation Electronic lock installation on Patent

In this kit you will find everything you need to transform your hotel or b&b door into a modern and technological door:
Pair of handles with fingerprint reader and integrated numeric keypad
Pair of rosettes to cover the key hole
Mechanical lock with predisposition for YALE cylinder
N° 2 Mechanical keys for emergency openings


Electronic handle + YALE lock

Dimensions of the electronic handle and our Yale lock:

Easily check the compatibility of our lock with yours, so you can integrate it perfectly and without excessive labor costs


YALE Handle and Lock Dimensions


The new latest generation lock contains all the innovation in the field of door opener home automation systems. The system integrates perfectly with existing and newly created doors and consists of access management via code, app and fingerprints.
You can also send access codes remotely, without being physically present in the facility, while for greater convenience you can use the fingerprint reader to allow service staff access to the hotel or B&B room.

Type of lock openings with fingerprints and code

The fingerprint reader allows you to easily manage limited access in your facility. In fact, it can record the fingerprints of only authorized personnel, so they can access easily without carrying physical cards or keys. The electronic locks work with batteries, so you can install them both on existing doors, without having to carry out expensive building work, but at the same time they can be installed on a new door model, preventing any problems that may arise with the use of classic systems with cables.


Electronic lock with codes and fingerprint reader Black

The owner will have full management of the lock, using our app you will be able to manage and create:

  • Digital keys, to allow access to customers or collaborators via their smartphone, taking advantage of the lock's Bluetooth connectivity.
    Encrypted codes, to be generated even remotely, which can be for a single access, temporary, or permanent.
    Register fingerprints, to allow access to authorized personnel simply by placing your finger on the fingerprint reader and unlocking the lock.

Components Electronic lock with fingerprint reader

Technical assistanceTechnical assistance

We assist you by telephone from purchase to the installation phase of the most suitable home automation system for your hotel.

optimize profitsCost optimization

Increase your profits by saving on management costs and activating room services at the same time as the customer's arrival.

customer satisfactionCustomer satisfaction

Leave your customers satisfied with the excellent level of technology and security guaranteed by our home automation systems.

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