Technical specifications Guestkey lock

Technical features electronic keypad lock with time codes.

manuale di installazione tastiera elettronica con codici a tempo

Manage access better, limit power consumption and give guests more freedom.

tecnologia guestkey

Technology and technical parameters of the electronic guestkey keyboard

For correct operation, we recommend following these steps:

  1. Give power to the appliance —- (intermittent led lighting)

Factory technical parameters:

Main door capacity : 1.
Room capacity : 99.
OWNER password: *91233 (asterisk, more 91233).
WAITER Password: *90117 (asterisk, more 90117).
Maximum load: 7 Ampere with 1 Ampere self-resettable fuse. We recommend installing a downstream contactor.
Rear reset button.
Closed circuit current: <0.08A.
Humidity range: 10% – 80%.
Rear terminal block: GND – +12V – +12 V – Lock – Light.
Door opening time: 1 second.

Protocols and parameters

Codes generated by 7 digits = 999.999 .
Maximum number of doors: 99.
Maximum number of main doors: 1.
Days counted from the keyboard = 24 hours + 4 hours more (tolerance).
If days equal to Zero the keyboard will open for 10 minutes from the first insertion.

Timed opening electronic lock keypad connection diagram

schema collegamento tastiera con codici

Keypad connection diagram with codes. It is imperative to connect the earth to the negative of the power supply.


GuestKey is a FIP S.r.l.product, a company specialized in the production of doors since 1969, 50 years of experience confer high quality standards made in Italy, with UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 and UNI ISO 14001: 2015 certifications

tastiera elettronica a codici lato posteriore
Tastiera vetro touch per serratura elettronica con GuestKey

GuestKey is a FIP S.r.l. product

Door opener keyboard

Electronic lock

The Guestkey door lock keypad is a professional electronic lock with temporary encrypted codes, a modern system for access management. Easy to use and safe, it gives various advantages to the structures that use it, offering a comfortable and resolute system.


Comfortable and safe

The electronic keypad for Guestkey locks is the ideal solution for small and large structures. Easy to install, simple and intuitive to use, elegant and professional, it allows easy access to the rooms without the delivery of keys, in the hotel sector it facilitates check-in and check-out giving independence and making the guest experience comfortable and modern. The manager of the structure will simplify the reception and management of the rooms, also obtaining energy savings.


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