How the Guestkey electronic lock works

How the electronic keyboard lock works

manuale di installazione tastiera elettronica con codici a tempo

Our Electronic lock. How does it work. Tourism changes, and therefore the accommodations must also change. In this sense, the use of an electronic door lock release keyboard can make the difference. Thanks to this product, a real novelty proposed on the market by Porte Italiane, it is possible to manage accesses at best, limit electricity consumption and give guests more freedom.

tastiera a tempo per apertura camere beb

How the timed keyboard works for opening hotel rooms

How the electronic keypad for electric locks works

From a technical point of view, the GuestKey electric door lock keypad looks like a normal numeric keypad with large keys. It can be installed in electrical boxes 503.
The keyboard is equipped with a flashing red LED, so as to be visible even in low light conditions. When entering the code, the color of the LED changes to GREEN. At that point the keyboard emits a small acoustic signal. The door is unlocked, the utilities are activated and the guest can enter the room.

On the Guestkey website:  RESERVED AREA

From a technical point of view, access codes are created by accessing the profile of your structure on the platform RESERVED AREA of our site Once you enter the Login area, you will find yourself in front of the screen with the list of all the rooms. By selecting a room, and entering the number of days of stay required, the seven-digit code will be created: which must be sent to the guest. Everything can be performed from any computer or smartphone, without the need to be physically present in the structure.

The main features of access controls with electronic lock:

  • Energy saving, upon expiry of the code, the electrical utilities (air conditioning, oven, lights, etc.) are automatically deactivated.
proprietario hotel genera codici di apertura porta

Hotel owner: generates door opening codes


  • The owner who manages the B&B will have a unique programming code, it will not be editable. This code also works as a PASSPARTOUT (the factory code is the following * 91233), it can open all the doors of the structure and activate the electrical services.
  • The manager by connecting to the RESERVED AREA section of the site genererà i codici da inviare al cliente. will generate the codes to be sent to the customer, then send the generated codes by email or whatsApp to the guest. See Manage access.
  • The waitress will have a unique PASSPARTOUT code (the waitress code is the following * 90117) for all hotel doors. This code can be changed (by the owner). Very useful if you change the service staff !!

Energy saving.  When the maid enters to tidy up the room, even if the client has finished the stay, the electric utilities will activate for 2 hours. But if you want to turn off the energy before the two hours have expired, the waitress will have to type any key.

tastiera a tempo per apertura camere beb

The customer will open the room only for the preset days.


  • The customer introducing himself in the structure and typing the codes received via whatsApp or email, will open the door in the electronic keypad, at the same time all the services will be activated in the room (light, air conditioning, etc.).
  • At the end of the stay, the door opening codes will no longer work and all services will be automatically disabled. The time code will only open the reserved room and for the set time and will activate the room power supply (for the set time).
sistema MK tastiera guestkey

MK system guestkey keyboard


simulazione di apertura porte con codice temporanei hotel


GuestKey is a FIP S.r.l.product, a company specialized in the production of doors since 1969, 50 years of experience confer high quality standards made in Italy, with UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 and UNI ISO 14001: 2015 certifications.

tastiera elettronica a codici lato posteriore
Tastiera vetro touch per serratura elettronica con GuestKey

GuestKey is a FIP S.r.l. product

Door opener keyboard

Electronic lock

The Guestkey door lock keypad is a professional electronic lock with temporary encrypted codes, a modern system for access management. Easy to use and safe, it gives various advantages to the structures that use it, offering a comfortable and resolute system.



The electronic keypad for Guestkey locks is the ideal solution for small and large structures. Easy to install, simple and intuitive to use, elegant and professional, it allows easy access to the rooms without the delivery of keys, in the hotel sector it facilitates check-in and check-out giving independence and making the guest experience comfortable and modern. The manager of the structure will simplify the reception and management of the rooms, also obtaining energy savings.


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