Electric strike for internal wooden doors 166FLR Reversible


Electric strike to transform your interior door lock into an electronic lock

In this way you will be able to connect all our home automation devices
You can open your door remotely or without using physical keys
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Electric strike for internal doors model 166FLR Reversible


With our electric strike you have the possibility to transform your internal door into a door with an electronic lock that you can also manage remotely.

In fact, the electric strike allows you to connect all our home automation devices allowing you to open your door with different systems.

Our devices find greater application in hotels, b & bs, a hotel or even on public facilities or even a simple office.


The installation of the electric strike is a simple operation, in fact it will be enough to replace the strike plate on the jamb of your door, with ours which houses the electric strike. The installation of an electric strike is an excellent solution for those who need to open a door remotely. Several situations present this need: to open the door of a bed and breakfast, of a shop to a customer from behind the cash desk, or that of a studio.

This electric strike model is reversible!

Incontro elettrico per porte interne 166FLR Reversibile

Electric strike for internal doors 166FLR Reversible

Related devices

The electric strike can be adapted to your internal door to be able to apply all the home automation devices to allow the room doors to be opened remotely or with card reading or code entry systems. You can find links for related products at the bottom of the page.

Other models

Find the right electric strike for your door, in the models tab you can get a quick idea of our electric strike models available by comparing the measures with the one suitable for your lock and going directly to the purchase page.

The characteristics of the electric striker

The electric striker has a voltage of 12 Volts, is adjustable and has a cover wing as long as the front, allowing installation on the jamb of swing doors.
It is supplied as standard with an adjustable insert that always guarantees excellent functioning of the safety latch of the lock.

With opening memory (Anti-repeater): to the electrical impulse the striker prepares itself for opening and maintains this predisposition until the door is opened and closed. The opening memory activation device is internal and not bound to the latch.

NB. The opening memory is internal and its proper functioning is guaranteed regardless of the adjustment and the door air.

Incontro elettrico per porte interne 166FLR

Dimensions Electric reversible strike 166FLR

It is particularly suitable for creating access control systems, such as hotel rooms, offices, institutions, and can be powered indiscriminately with short pulses or in permanent power supply for long periods without overheating the coil.

A simple illustration on mounting the electrical striker

predisosizione fresatura sul telaio

Prepare suitable milling on the frame and fix with screws

Collegamento cavi dell'impianto elettrico

Connect the cables to the electrical system

Incontro elettrico fissato su telaio

This is how the frame with the electric striker applied will look like

fissaggio dell'incontro al telaio

Rest the electric striker on the frame

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ottimizza i profitti
Cost optimization

Increase your profits, saving on management costs and activating room services at the same time as the customer arrives.

soddifazione del cliente

Customer satisfaction

Leave your customers satisfied by the excellent level of technology and security guaranteed by our home automation systems.

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