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RFID GuestCard for access control and door opening

The GuestCard RFID badge reader allows you to easily manage entrances to your facility, as well as other possible applications based on customer needs. They can be used to limit access to restricted areas, both for pedestrians and vehicles. Its operation takes place via RFID with badge or electronic card. They are frequently applied to: Hotels, B&Bs, access control for gyms, swimming pools, hospitals and nursing homes. A simple and convenient solution with which even a small hotel can become modern. If you want a similar device but which also allows you to start electrical services, you can see the GuestKey electronic lock keypad.

Sistema controllo accessi guest card


The Guestkey electronic lock keypad is a simple numeric keypad that allows access management through a code provided by the manager. By entering the code, in addition to opening the door, the room utilities will be activated. Just as they will be deactivated when closed, reducing consumption and giving flexibility in all phases of the stay, from check-in to check-out.

card per lettori rfid

Features of the GuestCard access control system

With RFID badge access control it is possible to have greater control over your structure, also facilitating access. Its installation is simple and there is no need to install any software.

Access control apertura porte guestcard


Its operation is simple and intuitive.

While it is not in operation, the RFID reader is illuminated by a soft red light, so as to be visible even at night.
Bringing the badge close to the reader, the light will start flashing rapidly, an acoustic signal will sound and the door will open.

GuestCard con Badge

The access control kit consists of:

n° 1 RFID badge reader, with 1 relay output
3 cards (badge), with the possibility of additional keys at a cost of €1 each. Up to a maximum of 2000 per access control reader.
n°1 programming card

scheda di programmazione access control

The programming of the RFID readers  can be done independently in a simple way. No software is required, the programming of the cards takes place via the programming card (supplied with the badge reader).


programmazione access control

It is possible to program the cards of each single room to open the main accesses (such as the entrance door) as well as the single room.
Furthermore, each maid can be equipped with a passpartout card which will allow her access to the rooms to be tidied up.

guestkey con chiave passpartout

Il lettore badge per controllo accessi si adatta perfettamente nelle cassette elettriche 503. Viene applicata senza viti a vista. GuestCard è un dispositivo MADE IN ITALY.

altezza da terra tastiera elettronica

Installazione guest card su cassetta 503

Card programming is simple:
Bring the System Card close to the GuestCard reader, the appliance will enter programming mode (beep and the LED will flash quickly).
Bring the Card to be memorized to the GuestCard Access control, a validation sound will follow. Exit the programming mode by approaching the System Card.
From now on the Cards will be registered, up to 2000 Cards can be registered on each Guest


sistema lettore card rfid

Datasheet RFID Badge Reader

GuestCard access control installation and programming manual.


Access Control RFID Guestcard per controllo accessi

Domotica Hotel RFID Access

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Gestisci da remoto l’accesso dei tuoi clienti

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Gestione degli accesi in Hotel e B&b

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