Electronic lock without keys- Door lock keypad

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Door lock keypad – keyless lock for hotels, airb & b, for b & b, ideal for opening doors even in your absence, also coronavirus remedies.
Night arrivals without problem. Excellent energy saving energy saver.

Open the door without keys, manage your bed and breakfast, hotel, holiday homes remotely. Automate the electric
lock or electronic lock, consequently no STRESS for night or holiday arrivals.

Welcome your guests even when you are on vacation !! Safe and easy to use, the door release keyboard because it
does not need any internet connection works with encrypted algorithms.

Electronic lock with temporary codes.

GuestKey Door lock keypad – Electronic lock without keys, release keypad without keys with code, also available in the electronic lock version with badge.
The code for opening the door can also be sent by e-mail or by whatsapp. The code will be valid only for the guest’s stay.
Consequently, only for the established period will the code open the door in addition to activating the electrical utilities. Also coronavirus remedies.

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