Impulse contactor for low-disturbance Energy Saving devices



Impulsive contactor for home automation and energy saving systems

With our remote control you can connect all your electrical devices to our home automation systems which manage the activation of the electrical users connected to them.

In fact, you can use it to increase the supported load for managing the utilities of our GuestKey door opener keyboards, our Aladino home automation devices and also for Energy Saving pockets. This latest generation device uses innovative technologies capable of reducing disturbances to a minimum with maximum silence.

Teleruttore su guida DIN

Contattore impulsivo da installare su guida DIN

Door opener keypad with timed codes

The contactor allows you, for example, to connect electrical equipment with a higher load to our GuestKey keyboard designed to be used on gates and entrance doors, B&B doors, electronics for hotel rooms or even in public offices. The keyboard, generating a code on the appropriate portal to be sent to the customer, will allow the door to be opened. The code can be set for a limited period of time and in that period it will allow the door to be opened and will also start the electrical services connected to it. An excellent keyless lock system


serratura elettronica guestkey

Serratura elettronica GuestKey

Energy Saving pocket for energy savings of up to 60%

Our Energy Saving pockets with RFID key or card are devices capable of bringing high benefits in terms of energy saving to the owners of accommodation facilities. Its operation is quite simple, with a simple RFID card that can also be used to enter the room via the electronic lock with badge, all the electrical utilities connected to it are activated. The connected devices can have different loads, in this case it is possible to use our contactor to increase the capacity of each individual pocket.

Tastiera RFID e Tasca energy saving

Tastiera RFID e Tasca energy saving

Home automation system for hotels

Our most complete system for home automation in hotels and accommodation facilities. The system allows the owner of the structure to manage customers, rooms and connected services through a specific management system. The customer will be able to open the rooms and also start the services to which he has access directly via his smartphone. Our system interfaces via a control unit, through which all the services and door feedback are connected to have a home automation lock. This system guarantees a completely autonomous check-in and check-out service and is also able to activate and keep the connected electrical utilities active for this period.

sistema di domotica hotel

Sistema di domotica Hotel Aladino

Features of our contactor

The contactor is presented for DIN rail installation, with a very thin appearance, for a width of 17.5 mm. The technology with which it is made is able to guarantee low energy consumption. Compared to mechanical contactors it has a significantly longer life.

Teleruttore con bassi disturbi

Teleruttore impulsivo a basso consumo

Le sue caratteristiche sono:




230 VAC
50 ~ 60 Hz
25 A

2NO: 2 contatti normalmente aperti

Temperatura di utilizzo compresa tra -30° e +70° C. Presente anche un led che indica lo stato di funzionamento.

Assistenza TecnicaAssistenza Tecnica

Ti assistiamo telefonicamente dall’acquisto fino alla fase di montaggio del sistema di domotica più adatto al tuo Hotel.

ottimizza i profittiOttimizzazione costi

Incrementa i tuoi profitti, risparmiando sui costi di gestione e attivando i servizi in camera contemporaneamente all’arrivo del cliente.

soddifazione del clienteSoddisfazione clienti

Lascia i tuoi clienti soddisfatti dall’ottimo livello di tecnologia e sicurezza garantito dai nostri sistemi di domotica.

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