Access control in steel – RFID reader with IP67 keypad


Access control in steel with keypad and integrated RFID reader Waterproof IP67

You will be able to use different access systems for your customers
Body made of water resistant steel with IP67 class


RFID badge reader with integrated steel keypad

Our access control with badge and keypad can be of great use to manage the entrances to your accommodation facilities, such as hotels, hotels or b&bs.

With the two different access systems it offers different applications also according to the characteristics and needs of the customer. The badge system if you do not want to have the classic key that is difficult to manage (due to loss, continuous copies, etc.) but still want to maintain contact with the customer, delivering in any case the electronic card upon arrival, or take advantage of the keypad so as to send the access code to the room directly to the customer without having to be present in the structure.

The badge access control systems interface perfectly with the electric strikers mounted on the internal doors or on the entrance doors.

With the device it is possible to manage access to hotel rooms, b&b, common entrances, reserved entrances in public places, etc.

Lettore badge RFID con tastierino in acciaio

RFID badge reader with steel keypad

The main features of RFID badge readers:

The doors are opened by means of an RFID card or with codes to be entered via the keypad. There is also a bell button, thanks to which it is possible to connect the device to a bell, thus avoiding having multiple switches installed on the wall.
The device finds greater application in accommodation facilities such as hotels, B & Bs, but also public facilities that need to manage reserved entrances such as swimming pools, hospitals, gyms, etc.
The badge reader has an external steel body, water resistant WATER RESISTANT with IP67 class. So that it can be easily applied also for installation on external doors or gates.
With this device, even the smallest hotels or Bed and Breackfast can equip themselves with modern room opening systems and considerably reduce management costs.

Controllo accessi lettore badge acciaio

Access control in IP67 steel

Optimize management costs and free your customers from the keys they have to carry around during the holiday or from time constraints for access to the structure.

Lettore badge RFID con tastierino in acciaio

RFID badge reader with steel keypad

The operating mode is very simple and very intuitive:
Normally the Reader flashes with a discreet light (red), so as to be visible even in the dark.
As soon as the card (badge) is brought close to the reader, the color changes to green and emits a small beep …. and the door opens.

scheda di programmazione access control

Access control programming card

The KIT contains:

Retro lettore badge in acciaio DCACH

Features rfid reader with keypad

The programming is simple and fast, it does not require any software or “machines” to program the keys, everything is done by intervening directly on the device. Our guide is available that explains each step to manage programming.

guestkey con chiave passpartout

Passpartout key for the maid or manager

You can create badge keys



Our access controls allow access control both by badge with RFID technology and by entering codes.

Controllo accessi lettore badge acciaio

Access Control with keypad installation and programming diagram​

With our schematic, the installation and programming of our access control device with keypad and rfid reader will be easy and without the need to use any software.​

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ottimizza i profitti
Cost optimization

Increase your profits, saving on management costs and activating room services at the same time as the customer arrives.

soddifazione del cliente
Customer satisfaction

Leave your customers satisfied by the excellent level of technology and security guaranteed by our home automation systems.

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