Electronic lock kit for hotels and B&Bs with access via RFID card and energy saving pocket


Electronic lock kit for hotels and B&Bs with access via RFID card and energy saving pocket

With our complete system of ilock electronic lock and energy saving pocket, you will be able to automate the entrances of your hotels even if they already exist and optimize consumption as much as possible. Their simple operation via alkaline batteries allows you to renovate your hotel or accommodation facility without having to carry out expensive construction works or ones that could compromise the aesthetic appearance of your rooms.

By thus integrating the two systems you will be able to obtain an innovative structure that keeps up with the times, and at the same time you can cut energy costs by up to 65%. The kit arrives already configured and ready to install, our staff will be able to guide you on correct use and will be able to provide you with all the information you need.

Automate your hotel with digital hotel locks, guaranteeing your customers SECURITY and a modern image of your structure. Buy electronic locks at competitive prices.

The RFID Energy Saving electronic door lock kit consists of:
1 i-Lock RFID electronic lock

Our locks are made entirely of steel and are extremely reliable (they are tested for thousands of openings). They do not need electrical wires to connect the power supply and open the door, the keypad has everything incorporated and this makes it easy to adapt to existing structures. Possibility of having it in two versions, with simple fixed cards for each individual room, or using a special controller and our software, it is possible to program the cards for each individual customer, setting the expiration of the card with the stay of your guest.


Serratura elettronica iLock Energy Saving

Serratura Elettronica i-Lock RFID

1 timed Energy Saving RFID pocket

Save energy device, able to save your structure up to 65% of energy costs. The complete pocket of its box to be built into the wall or in the case of already existing structures, can also be installed externally, without the need to carry out large masonry works.

Tasca Energy saving con card RFID

Tasca Energy saving temporizzata con card RFID

1 Low noise contactor / relay

Our contactor can be easily installed on a DIN rail. It allows you to increase the electrical loads of the Energy saving pockets and therefore be able to connect more devices for each individual room (such as air conditioners, room lights, TV, etc…)


Teleruttore a basso consumo energetico

Teleruttore impulsivo per risparmio energetico

4 RFID cards with configuration chosen by the customer

Assistenza TecnicaAssistenza Tecnica

Ti assistiamo telefonicamente dall’acquisto fino alla fase di montaggio del sistema di domotica più adatto al tuo Hotel.

ottimizza i profittiOttimizzazione costi

Incrementa i tuoi profitti, risparmiando sui costi di gestione e attivando i servizi in camera contemporaneamente all’arrivo del cliente.

soddifazione del clienteSoddisfazione clienti

Lascia i tuoi clienti soddisfatti dall’ottimo livello di tecnologia e sicurezza garantito dai nostri sistemi di domotica.

Compila il modulo di PRENOTAZIONE CHIAMATA del nostro staff specializzato ci metteremo noi in contatto con te senza impegno per rispondere a tutte le tue domande sulla tastiera apriporta. Clicca qui.

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