iLock Electronic Lock


Bluetooth electronic lock with keypad and RFID – iLock.

Manage your hotel in an automated way thanks to the iLock bluetooth electronic locks. They are able to manage the opening of the hotel rooms through cards programmed by the manager or even through generated codes, without the need to pass electric wires. The cards or codes will be activated for the entire period of the customer’s stay, once this period has expired the card will no longer open the door. Electronic door locks have a mechanical key for emergency opening.


The iLock Bluetooth locks have a modern and elegant design that makes them able to easily adapt to your hotel. The operation of the lock is very simple.

Communication with the cards takes place via 128-bit encrypted RFID technology.

All our products have CE and RoHS certifications in full compliance with European standards.

Features of the iLock electronic keypad lock


The owner can open the door via smartphone, manage users and create access codes. The generated codes can be timed or permanent. Timecodes can be customized in any way, such as 1 hour a day for a few days a week. It is also possible to block access for codes that were previously activated


The hotel electronic locks are made of stainless steel and copper alloy, with high quality and safety.

Acoustic signal for battery replacement.
The doors are opened using an RFID card or codes to be entered using the keypad.
Stores the last 1000 events.
Mechanical emergency key to open the lock manually.

The digital lock for hotels offers the following advantages:
Only 4 AA alkaline batteries are required for its operation.
It is not necessary to prepare electrical wires.
It always guarantees exit to the outside even with outlets closed, thanks to the anti-panic function.

If necessary, for emergency openings, simply remove the front cover to open the door with a mechanical key and gain access to the room.
The electronic lock with badge is equipped with an internal memory capable of memorizing over 1000 accesses.
The door is opened by simply approaching the card.

Serratura elettronica con chiave emergenza

The life of the batteries in our electronic lock is approximately 30,000 openings or 12/18 months.
In any case, an acoustic warning will sound when the time to replace them approaches.
Electronic hotel lock low and accessible prices for all structures.

App for managing the i-Lock electronic lock

With the electronic lock app you will have full control of your structure. It allows you to manage your customers by choosing whether to share electronic keys, codes or set up RFID cards with different settings:

Timed, with a pre-established duration, to set the activation and deactivation date of the generated keys or cards.
Permanent, to set up accesses that do not expire over time (any key can still be deactivated once it has been created).
Single access, keys will be created to allow only one access.

You can also check the event log to control access to each individual lock. Thanks to the battery status indicator, you will always know when to replace them


Wireless electric lock with RFID codes and cards


Accesso tramite app – codici – RFID

Door opening with wireless smartphone

Serratura elettronica per b&b semplice ed intuitiva

Serratura elettronica per b&b semplice ed intuitiva

iLock Electronic Lock Assembly Instructions

View the instructions for correct assembly of the hotel room automation lock.



iLock Electronic Lock Brochure

Open the Lock brochure to view the technical features, functionality and compatibility.


Video Tutorial Operation Digital lock with keyboard with CARD and bluetooth

Operation Smart lock for B&Bs with timed code keypad for doors. Automate the check-in process. Use a QR Code with a predetermined expiration to open the doors.


Particularly suitable for hotels, bed and breakfasts, gyms and sports centres.

Video Tutorial Assembly Digital lock with keyboard with CARD and bluetooth

Smart lock assembly for B&Bs with timed code keypad for doors. Automate the check-in process. Use a QR Code with a predetermined expiration to open the doors.

Particularly suitable for hotels, bed and breakfasts, gyms and sports centres


Video Tutorial Digital lock with CARD

Assembly and programming of RFID cards

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