ECOSMART hotel access management system : remote control and temporary codes


The ECOSMART HOTEL management software for your smart locks

The ECOSMART HOTEL subscription is a complete package of services for the management of electronic locks and electrical utilities in accommodation facilities, such as hotels or B&Bs. This package is suitable for properties of any size, with no limit on the number of rooms.

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Main features:

With ECOSMART HOTEL, you will have access to the following features:

Customer Registration: With this service, you will be able to register your customers and keep a complete record of them, with the possibility of adding notes, registering the cost of the room and the advances paid.
Code Generation: You can generate codes for the first access and periodic codes for your guests. These codes can be sent by email or via WhatsApp.
Remote Opening of the Rooms: You will have the possibility to open the rooms remotely, facilitating access in case of loss of the code or problems with the lock.
LOG Record and Code Deletion: You will be able to keep a complete LOG record of the use of the locks and you can delete the codes when they are no longer needed.
Battery Status: You will be able to monitor the battery status of the locks, making sure they do not run out.
Home automation section: With access to a section dedicated to home automation, you can remotely manage the electrical utilities in each single room. This includes turning the lights on and off, regulating the climate, monitoring the presence of guests in the room, and detecting window or smoke sensors.

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Locks connected to the internet
Temporary code creation: Generate access codes with scheduled expirations, ideal for guests and temporary collaborators.
Number Code Creation: Create custom access codes using number combinations.
Create permanent codes: Assign access codes without expiration for permanently authorized users.
Send customer code with WhatsApp or email: Send access codes to customers via WhatsApp or email, including personalized messages with directions on how to reach the facility and other useful information.

This complete package gives you total control over the management of your rooms and greater convenience for your guests. The cost of this service is scalable and offers great value at an affordable price.

Try a demo of our software

To try our software click on the following link:
The access credentials are USER: Hotel delle Rose – Without any password


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Sistema di Automazione e gestione alberghiera




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domotica semplice con interruttori smart




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domotica semplice con interruttori smart



planning camere hotel prenotazioni


domotica semplice con interruttori smart


Assistenza TecnicaAssistenza Tecnica

Ti assistiamo telefonicamente dall’acquisto fino alla fase di montaggio del sistema di domotica più adatto al tuo Hotel.

ottimizza i profittiOttimizzazione costi

Incrementa i tuoi profitti, risparmiando sui costi di gestione e attivando i servizi in camera contemporaneamente all’arrivo del cliente.

soddifazione del clienteSoddisfazione clienti

Lascia i tuoi clienti soddisfatti dall’ottimo livello di tecnologia e sicurezza garantito dai nostri sistemi di domotica.

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